Infection of Ignorance

There are a lot of reasons I admired my late friend Jon. He always had a way with words, and was never afraid to say exactly what was on his mind. Even now, I remember many times when we were out in public, having open conversations about whatever, and people would turn to stare. Partly due to the fact that we certainly stood out, wearing our body modifications with pride despite the fact that everyone around us was plain-skinned. We also made a point of going to restaurants where people wore button-down shirts with ties and jackets or evening gowns and expensive jewelry. There we were, with Doc Marten boots, patches, safety pins, spikes, studs, leather jackets – whatever made us feel comfortable, really. It was something we did for amusement, watching everyone else as they tried to steal a glance without getting caught.

In any event, there is not a whole lot that Jon actually put into written words, and even less that has ever been in the public eye of the Internet. However, when I find myself feeling down or lonely or whatever, I find comfort in reading the few things he left behind. Maybe I get some sort of new found inspiration or use it as a reminder of who I am and where I come from. Or perhaps even that I have some weird compulsion to share intimate parts of my life with anyone who can spare a moment to read.

This isn’t something that I have recently noticed, but as of late, it seems to have gotten worse.

One would think that in this day and age, having an open mind would be a common occurrence. However, the fact is, the reverse is quite true.

People may want to believe that they are open-minded, but mention a “controversial” topic and watch them squirm. Or better yet, try to engage in conversation of a taboo nature and see how fast they turn the other way.

Society seems to be unaware of this massive infection.

This disease does not discriminate. No matter your gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, so on and so forth, no one is immune.

There might be a cure, if you can teach yourself, your children and others around you to be tolerant.

What is tolerance exactly?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that doesn’t necessarily give you the right to cram it down my throat. It doesn’t mean that I want to hear you talk out of your ass because you don’t like the way I look or agree with my values.

I don’t ask for anyone to accept me.  Acceptance is not a strong point in society.

What I’m getting at here, is that I come into contact with people who are infected on a daily basis, and it’s really making me sick.

Why are they so quick to judge me when they don’t know me? Why do they assume things about me that may or may not be true? Why must they build themselves up by calling me names?

The answer is- IGNORANCE.

Yes, this is what plagues those that feel the need to tell me what I think and believe in, even though I have never met them, and they know nothing about me.

Nobody ever said being a Carny was easy, and that is something I have been aware of since my youth. However, my choice of lifestyle is no one else’s business, and I don’t appreciate the bullshit that I have to put up with.

They don’t know me, but they sure act like they do.

Hey, I am aware of my appearance, so calling attention to it seems kind of juvenile, and I no desire to have you tell me what I am and what I am not.

Save yourself from infection.


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