Tripping on Coney Island

[Originally written 9.22.02]

Went to Coney Island last nite, and I did not want to leave.  Oh how glorious it was! Perhaps this was inspired by the fact that I was flipping through the channels yesterday and came across The Warriors.  [For those that don’t know, the Warriors wind up in Coney Island].  After calling Jon to tell him abut this, he said it was a sign that we had to go on an adventure.  Made myself ugly, and we met up at a rest stop on the Turnpike where I left my vehicle, and we rode towards Brooklyn together in his Chevy.

As luck would have it, we were able to hop right onto the Goethels.  There was a full moon, and it was so beautiful;  fat, round and orange, due to the numerous amount of noxious fumes being released, which could kind of smell even though we were smoking a fat joint.  Cruised over the bridge with Luna as our guide, and the closer we got, the higher in the sky she rose, becoming brighter and brighter.  Ran into some traffic on the Verizzano, but that did not bother me, as I had the opportunity to peek over the side and see our neon-lit Mecca.

Finally we arrived, and there were not a whole lot of people ariybd, but just being at Coney Island for the first time in a long while, I smiled.  We smoked a blunt in the Chevy while listening to some surf tunes and talking about random things.  Jon produced a flask of whiskey and asked me if I was ready for the time of my life.  It was an odd question because I obviously always enjoy being in his company, and the grin on his face told me that this particular evening would be a special one that I would not forget any time soon.  Went down to the sea and did what needed to be done – I washed myself clean in the dark water and vowed that one day I would return.  Then we ate mushrooms.

Rode the Cyclone six times in a row, which put much needed joy in my veins.  The first time around we were completely by ourselves, and I think I really needed that.  She was quick as hell and feeling the wind in my hair again made me very happy.  Second time around there were a few more people, and each subsequent round was almost a full train.  Every circuit was absolutely breathtaking, the full moon shining over the dark water below and the stars struggling to shine against the lights of the amusement are.  Fantastic moments of weightlessness and just the exhilaration of forgetting about all the shit that I have been carrying left me feeling wonderful.  Plus someone planted a kiss on my forehead every time we completed a circuit, so that had me pretty giddy as well.

Then we dropped some acid as we made our way towards the Wonder Wheel.  By the time we were rotating into the evening, all the lights on the buzzing rides were slowly swirling together.  What an amazing view.  Wait, is he holding my hand?

Strolling along the boardwalk, I was in my own little world with my hand clutched tightly by my best friend.  We laughed over some Nathan’s famous hot dogs and then found a dark spot under the boards to finish off the rest of that blunt.  The vast stretch of dark water in front of us seemed to swirl into the sky.  While the noise from the people and rides collided above, we were just enjoying random conversation and the relaxation of sitting in the cool sand.  Hours passed without us even noticing, his arms wrapped around me and my head leaning against his chest.

Eventually the people were departing, so we pried ourselves from the sand, and then we climbed into his Chevy once again.  The drive back to where my car had been parked was strangely quiet.  Said our good-byes, though it was pretty hard, and I will have to try my best to make another journey out that way before the end of the season.

Sincerely wished that I did not have to drive back to my apartment alone.

Truth be told, I feel much different today. While I am not sure exactly why, I feel as though I have shed a great burden.  For once in a long time, I am definitely very happy.  It is all thanks to visiting a great amusement park and few rides on the mighty Cyclone.  Of course having my best friend by my side always puts a smile on my face as well.

Coney Island is a magical place after all.


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