Snowy Shore

[Originally written 12.7.02]

Came down to the Shore a couple of days ago when all that snow nonsense was happening.  It was a decent drive down, even if I was nervous about wrecking.

Arrived in one piece and had some hot chocolate waiting for me, along with a cozy blanket and plenty of chill space on the couch.  It’s nice to have someone spoil you a tiny bit every now and then. ::smile::

Commenced getting stoned and watched The Mummy Returns, which kicked ass.  There were more scorpions in that movie than in The Scorpion King.  Yea…that makes sense.

Returned on Friday after school because I did not want to be in the area.  Had an absolute blast cooking dinner for us, but that might on account of Jon’s spacious kitchen.  While I do not make a habit of gushing about my times here, it’s nice to actually reflect on them.

Imagine being on the beach, and not literally mind you, but close enough that you can just take a few steps and be on the sand, in a lovely house with large windows that you can see the ocean out of.  Kind of puts you at ease and makes you forget that there are other things in your life that are less than pleasant.  Of course having good company definitely makes me happy.  We don’t really even have to do much, tho in some way or another we always wind up having some sort of an adventure.  Most of the time we’re just relaxing and smoking pot, talking about anything and everything that comes to our minds.  There’s a lot of discussion about body modifications, circus and sideshow, Coney Island, music, movies, and of course talking shit.  Not that I really have an urge to say things about people who are not present to defend themselves or whatever.  More like sharing observations and getting an opinion from someone who isn’t going to lie or bullshit you.

All the time that I spent being nice to people who only thought of themselves had almost convinced me that’s what being friends meant.  However, now I have this great guy who enjoys my company and will do things for me without wanting something in return.  Not like someone I know who only likes to have me around upon his convenience.  How is it that one asshole fucks with my head, and the other makes me laugh?

Let me clarify that a little bit, as Jon is the furthest thing from that certain someone.  South Jersey is just a different place, as weird or funny as that may sound. Down here, they bust your balls out of respect, because they like you and are comfortable being around you.  He does this a lot, in a way where I can’t help but plaster a big goofy grin across my face and laugh.  It’s all about good fun, because when you go too far, well then you’re just a dick.  No one wants to be a dick; being an asshole is cool tho.

If I didn’t already have plans with Mike for Saturday, I would have just stayed where I was.  It’s alright, as I will be at the Shore again in no time.

Thinking yesterday led to many conclusions. One of which is, I would really like to tattoo my head and face some day. There always seems to be plans for body modification, and it’s just a matter of getting things done one at a time until I feel complete.  Until then, let’s just say that I’m currently under construction.


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