Modification Considerations

[Originally written 12.5.02]

Growing back my mohawk, and that’s final.

The only time I feel happy with the way I look, is when I have a mohawk and piercings in my face.  The metal will have to wait, just in the face anyway.

Would love to have my face tattooed.  Not right now tho, as there are a lot of things that need to be taken into account before one just dives right in and puts ink in that area.  There are more important things that need to be taken care of first, unfortunately, but it doesn’t hurt to muse just a bit.  Have thought this out for a while tho, but want to be absolutely certain I can deal with seeing the same thing on my face every day for the rest of my life.

Want to do some new extensions for my birthday.  Black and red I think.  Have no idea what to wear, and no clue what we’re doing, just that it’s promised to be fun.  Only 15 more days to go.


One advantage of excess time, is that I’ve been pouring over some of the sideshow sites I’ve bookmarked.  Some really interesting stuff that gives me inspiration and motivation to be the best performer I can be.

I need an actual name, but don’t know what to call myself.  Then create banner art.  Some great examples can be found here.  I was thinking of it relating to my modifications in some way, but what I have so far seems to be common place.  Years ago, a tattooed woman could be ballied as an exotic feature.  Then again, I’m not your common run-of-the-mill teen with standard piercings.

This is the article I submitted to BME.  I’m making mention of it for one simple fact [which is also mentioned in the article].  When I had these done, it was for me and no one else.  I never expected anyone to like them.  I had numerous people gasp, gawk, stare, etc. and sometimes even offer a stupid comment such as “Why would you do that to yourself?”  Yea, like it’s your business anyway.

Even now—tho all I have left of them is a photo and the scars—when I relay the story, horror washes over the faces of those that inqure about the scars.  People need to get over themselves and understand that body modification can be a personal statement, not just something one does at random.


2 comments on “Modification Considerations

  1. Charon says:

    The links to BME go to 404 pages.

    So since my curiosity wasn’t satisfied by the Internet, I gotta ask, what did you have done??

    My general rule about tattooing faces, hands and necks is that my client bring me proof that they don’t have to depend on anyone else to give them a paycheck. It’s worked out pretty well thus far, seeing as it’s pushed at least one younger client of mine to get serious about his freelance writing. When he’s got a stack of rejection letters and a couple published pieces we’ll take is tattoos up onto his neck.

    Of course I still reserve right of refusal. I have no problem denying service to someone if I think the choice they’re asking me to facilitate might harm them in a non-fixable fashion. Clients always have the choice of going elsewhere.

    And did you know that Lorette Fulkerson was an exhibited sideshow tattooed lady as late as 1998? Awesome and win!

    Sorry to ramble. Thought you’d want to know someone out here was reading.

    • That’s a bummer. Guess I should have checked the validity of the links. I had a set of three surface piercings in my fore arms. [Photo via FB.]

      Most artists have a rule about that sort of tattooing, which is great to cut down the amount of people doing it for the sake of doing it. Having my neck and hand inked were proud moments, even if that further narrows down the possibility of ever having a ‘real job’. At least it boots my stage appearance. The desire for the facial tattoos is still around, which is why I have been doing the ‘face dots’ with make-up for the past few years. Maybe I’ll actually get them done soon, as most people assume they’re tattooed anyway.

      Did not know that, so thanks for sharing. It’s always nice to know that people are reading. =)

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