NYC Trip

[Originally written 1.19.03]

Must start doing more to get people interested in the sideshow.  Have to start polishing my act.  I’ve had several dreams and ‘signs’ I guess you could call them that keep convincing me that this isn’t just some phase.  I’ve hit a wall and don’t know what else to do to get people involved.  At least one person understands my desire, and I can always count on him for good conversation as far as plans go.  Why is it so much easier to talk with him than the Asshole?

Those Coney Island books should be coming in soon.

That’s all of the grand excitement kiddies.  Another week of school to get out-of-the-way.  Yup…it’s going to be long.

The visit to NYC the other day was awesome tho, and that kind of made up for all the stupid stuff that seems to surround me.  Three bucks gets me a round trip [okay, I have to find a parking spot where I won’t get towed but that’s cool] and out of Jersey for a few hours.

Jon was waiting for me on the platform as I got off at Christopher Street and caught me by surprise with a big hug.  Walked down quiet alleys to smoke a joint and then continued onward to the Village.  All those times people asked if I liked to hang out there and I just looked at them like they were crazy, and now I find myself there quite often when going to the Big Apple.  He seems to know a lot of people, so there’s frequent stops to shoot the shit for a few moments before moving along.

We went to Saint Marks and made fun of all the fashion punks who are too holier-than-thou to even return a simple smile. Not everyone has a bad attitude, but those that do kind of ruin it for the rest of us that aren’t going to sneer at and ignore people who aren’t part of the scene…whatever that actually is.  No matter what people say, Jon never pays much attention to those who don’t understand his style.  They shout out the most ridiculous things in an attempt to label him, which results in us laughing as he shakes his head.  “The great thing about knowing who you are,” he says, a smile on his face when he turns to look at me, “is that you can be proud of it all the time.  These people need to get reassurance so they know they are acceptable.  Fuck that…I’m a Carny and they don’t matter.

The day was spent window shopping while getting high, stopping in several stores along St. Marks tho not really buying anything.  Wandered around Thompkins Square Park for a while and spanged.  Jon would go right up to people and ask them for a quarter.  Some of them seemed a bit repulsed.  *haha*  If they didn’t give him anything, he would wait for them to walk away before revealing he slipped several bills out of their wallets.  Don’t know how he does it, but his skills bought us lunch, dinner and dessert at three different places.  The food was so incredibly good that my stomach hurt a bit.  Then we went to have a  few drinks at CBGB’s, and it was definitely a nice added treat.  He says he likes to do nice things for me, because he enjoys how happy I am for the simple things.  Sure knows how to make me smile and blush.

There’s never enough time in a day to spend with such an awesome friend, and with school looming over my head, I had to return to Jersey.  Not before one last smoke and another awesome hug that put a smile on my face which hasn’t left yet.


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