Sacred Heart Tattoo

[Originally written 2.25.03]

Two days ago I went to get inked.  There was a girl ahead of me getting her very first tattoo, on her back, where many girls want to put their first tattoo.  I had to laugh at the fact that she was screaming from the pain.  Now really, what did you expect?  It took longer than it should and the woman apologized for that.  However, I showed her the piece I wanted and she asked me to come back again today, as she wanted to take her time in doing it.  She’s also going to draw me up something better and more customized as she saw I was already collecting good artwork.  [Kevin did most of my work and no matter where I go, those are the pieces I get complimented on the most].  So I had to throw myself in the shower and get there by noon so I could hopefully get taken first.

Artwork number fifteen now resides on my body, right between my scorpions.  And oh did it hurt; I will not lie about that.

I’m no longer apprehensive about getting new pieces, as I know there will be pain involved.  There was much of it this time around.  I felt it in my arm, my face, my neck, and for some odd reason, my left leg kept twitching.

An hour later, I had a brand new piece of artwork permenantly inked into my skin.  I couldn’t be happier. ::smile::

A special thank-you goes towards the person who made it possible.

Was complimented on how well I sat there without crying or flinching, with both artists [Ron and Virginia] saying they wished that all of their customers were that well behaved.

Attempting to stand up after spending an hour having needles penetrating your skin is not a good idea.  My legs felt as tho they were rubber and I was overwhelmed with endorphins.  I sat back down and waited a few minutes before standing again. Made a diner run to replenish nourishment.  My last trip of the nite was to see Jon, of course so that he could see the result of his investment.  I told him to be gentle with the hugs.  I gave him a little peek and he liked it.  Then he joked that I’m going to be the tattooed lady.

Smoked pot while he made me dinner.  Watch wrestling and passed out before we even saw the end.  He kissed me good-bye before he left for work, which was a bit awkward but still nice.  Found $20 that he left for me on the kitchen table.  That boy rocks.  Left a note for him on the fridge to call me Saturday.  Would like to go out with him this weekend.  Nothing special really.  I want to go driving and search for some Weird NJ featured things, like the abandoned drive-in he told me about, to get some photos.  Maybe I can convince him to take a trip to Coney Island to at least visit the museum.  I’m mad at myself for not having the time to visit this month and must make up for it by visiting twice in March before the Cyclone opens on April 13.

Have to go take care of my new tattoo now.


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