South Jersey Sideshow

[Originally written 3.3.03]

After spending the day with my sister in NYC, I was still pumped and did not feel like sitting around doing nothing, so I gave my best friend a call.  He invites me to come down.

As soon as I walk in the door I smell him cooking dinner.  Jon smiles, catches me with a huge hug, then immediately sits me down and says I need to eat.  Who am I to argue?

The rest of the evening was spent getting high and leafing thru the current issue of Weird NJ [the 2003 Roadside Guide] which jogs his memory of going to the drive-in   Listened to him tell me stories of how it used to be and from that a new idea was spawned.

Of course the rest of the weekend was spent smoking, drinking and just hanging out.  We talked about how Coney Island in Winter isn’t sad, but just goes thru seasons just like everything else.  Then I realized I forgot my camera [*d’oh!*] otherwise we would have went.  But staying inside where it was safe and warm was just as good.  Besides, we started planning our Spring adventures and I need to save up for that, so going on too many trips now wouldn’t be such a good idea.  We are definitely going to check out a lot of Weird NJ stops and go to Coney Island as much as possible.

Will have to work on other projects, such as this whole sideshow thing.  Didn’t pay to learn these acts just to let the knowledge go to waste.  At least I have someone who is willing to perform with me, even if we’re just doing basement shows and private parties at the moment.  It’s better than nothing.

Too much to do and not enough time to do it…tho now that I’m not staying late at school any more, I can get to those more important things.

One nite it would be fun to procure substances…go to Coney Island and take said substances.  Have not discussed this with Jon yet, but he would be way more open to the suggestion than the Asshole.  Besides, I like doing coke with him [not that I’m saying it’s a habit I want to get into at all, but it’s made for some interesting experiences thus far] and trust him enough to want to do other things.

That’s about it.


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