Coney Island Halloween

[Originally written 11.1.02 ]

I have been brainwashed!

Last nite was so much fun.  Definitely the very thing I needed to get my head straightened out.

Met up with Jon in Newark where I stashed my car and climbed into his Chevy.  Was very impressed with his voodoo zombie costume [which went well with my Dead Dolly ensemble] and he presented me with a small plastic cauldron with plenty of treats.  Did shots of rum, smoked a joint and then he surprises me even further with a bit of nose candy.  What a great friend.

There wasn’t really a lot of traffic on the drive out.  There’s usually always traffic on the Goethels, or at the very least, a big jam right after you pay the toll because people don’t understand the concept of merging.  However, there was none of that this time around, which made for an excellent drive to Coney Island.  Windows rolled down, psychobilly tunes blasting at high volume and each of us with a joint in hand.  Had the feeling it was going to be an excellent evening.

My favorite sea-side playground was pretty much deserted, and I wasn’t used to seeing it that way.  It was eerie and beautiful at the same time. It wasn’t sad tho; it’s not like everything is closed forever.  It’s just hibernating.  And in March, after a long sleep, it will be awake once again.

We parked in a free lot so we could do a few more shots, smoke and snort.  Feeling good, we headed over to the sideshow building.

There were four other people inside [not counting the band], so the group we were in wasn’t that big.  Didn’t have to wait long for the tour to start.  It was slightly cheesy, plastic and yet still funny as hell.  I’m sure there were people who thought they wasted their money.  Not us.  It was done in the true spirit of Coney Island, and hey, they got our money anyway, didn’t they?

The tour started with the pointing out of generic Halloween decorations in a cage that I’m guessing was supposed to be spooky, the ‘Fiji mermaid’ and an armadillo leaking sawdust [my personal favorite].

Then it was down into the basement, which was really awesome, even tho I was expecting something to jump out as us.  Witnessed the washing of a plastic brain.  *mmm*  Braaaaaaain.

Then we were escorted to where a blood spattered mannequin lay.  Not very impressive, but whoever said that the point was realism?  With the cocktail of substances in our bodies, everything was slightly different from what other people were seeing, so Jon and I were fully enjoying ourselves.

Went back upstairs and past the already brainwashed janitor to the outside.  Then we were handed over to Tyler [tho the name of his character escapes me] who was so great at his part.  Had the patter down pat and the sexual innuendo’s were funny as hell.  The best was when he offered the one guy to handle fire-eating because he looked like a flamer.

Then we went up to the second floor, one by one, and had a rather vicious doggie barking at us.  We were escorted into the reception area, which was not fun, as it was fucking dark.  Jon held my hand, which was sweet.  [Smart little me used some glow-in-the-dark make up, which was the only thing I could see aside from this tiny little sliver of light that emanated from the door in front of us.]  We were warned that one of the big snakes had gotten loose, and that if we felt it, it was just saying hello.  Of course I was expecting something to grab my leg, and I’m still wondering about the horrid creaking noises that went unexplained.

The door opened and we were led into the final room, complete with spinning hypno-wheel. [Which I found ironic, since I had worn my hypno-contacts].  Were were asked to sit by the nurse [played by the lovely Angelica] and watch the spinning wheel.

Somehow I was volunteered to be Madame Electra for the nite.  Gee, how much did I resist?  ::grin::  Now I have seen the act before, but actually being the act was such a high honor.  Smiled as I sat in the electric chair and the patter was flawlessly delivered by Tyler, answering an enthusiastic “Oh yes!” to any question I was asked.

The switch was thrown and I could hear the tesla coil buzz above my head.  I was handed a rather lengthy light bulb which immediately lit up in my hand.  And just to prove that it did not run on batteries, for those skeptics in the audience, I was asked to run my hand up and down the length so they [the audience] could watch the light move with it.

That’s good“, I was told, “Now do it a little faster.”  I’m sure you can imagine what that looked like.

Then a torch was held over the end of the bulb, and I watched a blue spark jump out of the end of it and light the torch.  Sweet!  The fun did not end there.  Oh no.

Madame Electra would also be lighting the torch with a spark from the end of her finger.  And do I even need to mention where that was held?  [Think: crotch area].  “Now just stroke the end of it with your finger, just like you would at home.”  [At this point I was grateful for the vast amount of white face powder I had put on, otherwise my face would have been rather red.]  I did so and was shocked [excuse the pun] to see a blue spark emanate from the tip of my finger as I touched the end of the torch.  It didn’t really hurt; about as much as it would when you get a shock from touching a doorknob after scuffing across a carpet.  Two more strokes and *FOOM* there was fire.  That was so cool!  [Noted here that my best friend was all smiles and loud applause the entire time.]

Of course I knew that was not the end of the act.  Oh no.  For the finale, Madam Electra would be lighting the torch off of the most sensitive part of her body.

You know,” Tyler said to me, leaning close, “the pink wet one.”

Of course he meant my tongue!

Was asked to brush the hair out of my face [having my weave being set on fire would not have been cool], lean my head way back and stick out my tongue.  Hey, you don’t have to ask me twice.  I did so [and maybe surprised everyone with the size of the metal bar that resides in my talented muscle] and as the torch was touched to the tip of it, I could feel the shock and *FOOM* there was fire.

Took a very gracious bow to much applause, but the real acclaim of the nite came from Tyler who patted me on the back and said “Good job.”  Praise from Cesaer.

Was rewarded with a rub-on eyeball tattoo from Angelica, who said she normally put it on people’s foreheads but would put it on my hand because she didn’t want to ruin my make-up.

Sadly we were then shown the exit.

Sat and watched the band for a while when we returned to the main part of the sideshow building.  They were pretty good for a trio with a singer, and not really having all the luxuries of a club.  The vocalist [female] had an awesome voice.  Her range went from operatic and melodic to death-metal out of hell.  The bassist was right on.  The guitarist [who was a very androgynous female, as I didn’t realize she was a she until I heard her speak] was so-so.  The drummer was on time, and didn’t have to hide behind a big kit; kept it fairly simple actually.

Left the sideshow building around 10:30 and ventured out on the beach where we consumed the remainder of the ‘treats’ Jon had brought.  Have no idea how long we were out there, but lots of interesting things happened.  Which included hallucinating from coke and laying in the sand for hours on end, just existing with one another.  Damn this horrible memory, as I have no recollection of getting back in his Chevy or returning to Jersey.  Or even how I managed to get back to the house.

Fell asleep with my contacts in and didn’t remember that I had them in until I woke up.  Luckily they didn’t decide to meld with my eyes.  That might have been disastrous.

After last nite’s experience, I want to do sideshow even more than before.


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