Anti-V’Day Sentiments ’03

[Originally written 2.7.03]

Checking the calendar an individual might note that in one week it will be the 14th of February.  The day when I just groan when people feel the need to share the joys of their day of ‘love’.  Throughout high school, I was actively Anti-V’Day – I didn’t wear red; I wore black, and I wanted to incinerate every single starry-eyed and love-struck idiot girl that proudly displayed what their boyfriend, boy-friend, guy-they-fuck had gotten them.  Did not understand this ritual and still feel the same way.  Why was it necessary to flaunt what someone got you it in everyone’s face?

Is it perhaps that I am jealous?  The very notion makes me laugh heartily.  What did I have to be jealous of?  The teary-eyed girls with broken hearts that wailed and moaned because they got nothing for V’Day?  The angry and annoyed ones who were pissed that they got some intangible flowers that would wither and die in a few short weeks, or did not get the jewelry they had been expecting because their boyfriend, boy-friend, guy-they-fuck is not a mind reader?  Oh yea, look how green my face is.

Valentine’s Day is just another excuse for the greedy corporations to load stores chock full of shit to sell to those who are stupid enough to make a big deal out of it.  The cards are sappy; the chocolate is expensive and fattening; flowers die and no matter what one receives, somehow it does not live up to the unrealistic expectations and standards dictated by society.  That is, if one got anything at all.

Back to the stupid people in high school for a moment.  Every year one of the clubs had this ‘send a rose’ thing, whereby students could purchase a rose in red, pink or yellow and have it sent to a person of their choosing on V’Day, along with a personalized message.  One could also pay to have a special message broadcasted as well.  [Yes, we had televisions in our classroom for ‘educational’ purposes.]  There were girls who hauled around collections of half-dead roses and guys who got into fist fights when they discovered they had expressed sentiments towards the same girl.  Incredibly ridiculous behavior that to me did not embrace any of the things I felt symbolized love.

Nothing about V’Day appeals to me at all.  Why does society force this upon us?  If you really and truly love someone, you should express that in any form you choose on any day of the week.  Especially when the significant other is having a bad day and feels like utter shit.  When you love someone, you do not have to give them something for V’Day; love shows itself in more subtle, valuable ways.  However, that does not seem to be good enough.  All this lovey-dovey nauseating pinkness is crammed up our asses, and just when we finally rid ourselves of all that other ‘holiday’ nonsense.

The colors of choice to represent V’Day are red, pink and white.  They are incorporated into everything from cards to candy to stuffed animals.  Who buys this crap, and why?  Do you feel you have to prove your love?  Pardon me for saying so, but I find it sad that people purchase expensive items in order to prove the love they have someone.  Also, I can think of several reasons as to why people are just being hustled, which is always kind of funny from the Carny perspective of things.  No one even gets creative any more.  If it is going to be a day that celebrates love, then do something original and truly romantic.  Such as pouring gasoline on your lawn and lighting it on fire so the whole neighborhood can see how brightly your love burns.  Something cool like that.

As for me, I am having myself yet another Anti-V’Day celebration.  As usual, I will be dressing in black from head to toe and going out for a nite on the town with my boy Jon.  We will make obnoxious assholes out of ourselves and mock all those kissing couples.  That is the Dirty Jersey way, after all.

That concludes today’s announcement, which has been brought to you by the letters F-O-A-D.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas in this article, as it is not something I have thought about before but will consider in the future. This is a great blog.

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