Anti-V’Day Sentiments ’05

[Originally written 2.14.05]

Once again, this ‘holiday’ of sorts is upon us, known as the day when you tell that special someone in your life just how much you love them.  Whether it be a secret crush, someone you are in relationship with, friends with benefits, fuck buddy, whatever, you are urged to use this day, specifically designed for those that have that significant other, to express your feelings.  Now this can come in many forms: flowers, chocolates, a stuffed animal, someone else’s words conveniently scrawled on a card, jewelry, fur, so forth and so on.  We are urged to make absurd purchases in order to properly devote our feelings to the object of our desire.  It is practically mandatory if one expects something in return, and certainly if sex is the forecast for later that evening.  Also, it is important that you lavish said loved one with many gifts, as the more you give, the more you love that person.  Besides, the next day, he/she can go around and brag to his/her friends, showing off whatever it was they received and sharing the lurid details of any intimacy that it spawned.

Believe me when I tell you that I find this behavior downright disturbing, and also find it quite humorous that we are told to focus on this one day out of an entire year to display our affection in such a silly manner.  While I was hoping to find some previously posted Anti-V’Day sentiments, only this one seems to exist, but I remain firm in my opinion about this ‘holiday’.

Shouldn’t we say those three sweet words on a more constant basis?

Love doesn’t come pre-packaged, ready and available for purchase at the local store.

Love should not be weighed by the amount of gifts received, nor by the size of them.

Love is a feeling, often elusive, that fills us with this incredible and indescribable warmth.

Of course I am not saying that the whole world waits for this one day to express their feelings, but in the same sense, we are urged and perhaps even pressured by commercials and corporate funded merchandise to do so in a rather blatant manner.  Sure, it is great to use this time to perhaps rekindle a relationship that has been on the rocks, throw some spice into things and all those other metaphors.  However, that is something we should be doing anyway, and not just because some ‘holiday’ dictates that we must.

In high school, one had the option to send a rose for a small nominal fee to another.  There was yellow for friendship and red symbolized love – I found this practice to be highly amusing.  People walked the halls with grand bouquets, balloons, stuffed animals and all that icky lovey-dovey crap, sometimes pausing to steal a kiss.  While this took place, there was a group of us that decided it would be fun to protest V’Day, not so much due to the fact that we did not have someone to celebrate it with, but rather because we saw it for just another excuse for corporations to feed off those that were naive enough to buy into the hype.  We all wore black to school, while the rest of the students obediently wore red, and proceeded to point and laugh at those blind robots.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this entry, there is little evidence of what I did in the following years.  However, I will continue the Anti-V’Day tradition.  Today my best friend Jon and I shall adorn ourselves in black [the only red will be in my hair, but that is just coincidence], drink copious amounts of whiskey and hit up the movie theater for Hide and Seek.  Perhaps after a smoke we might go out to laugh at all those fools that were blind enough to actually follow the mandating rituals of this ‘holiday’.


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