Simple Joys of Life

[Originally written 3.13.03]

Didn’t go to school yesterday.  Not like it matters much.  My attendance is too good. Yea, I know that sounds absurd, but it’s true.  Technically, I can miss a whole month of class without it effecting me, except that I’d be graduating later, obviously.  Packed my things to stay the nite at Jon’s place and quickly departed.

My intent was to go to the DMV to get a new license.  However, I did not get there until 1:30 due to traffic on Morris Ave and spending half an hour  trying to find parking.  Then I walk in, sit down and walk back out, as I was not going to wait on that long ass line.  Came back to the house to retrieve the form I had received in the mail to renew my license [I didn’t do that sooner why?  Oh wait, because someone suggested a photo ID is better than a non-photo ID—as you can’t get a license with a photo via the mail], went to the post office for the $16 money order and mailed everything out.  One less thing I have to do.

Since I had some time to kill, I dropped off the roll of film with last Friday’s Coney Island photos at Wal*Mart.  Stopped off at CVS and was happy to finally have found the smokes that I have been looking for, except that they weren’t cherry flavored, but I was so happy I didn’t care.  [Yea, I know, I’m going to kill myself.]  Went back to Wal*Mart and picked up the photos; the wonders of one-hour processing.  They came out damn nice, so I am very pleased.  Seems every set that comes back gets better and better.

Arrived at Jon’s house around five.  He immediately rolls one and lights up.  Get stupid instantly on only half a joint. [Some seriously good green he has].

Showed him the photos and tell him my plan.  His friend has some studio space where they hold these artsy fartsy shows from time to time.  Would like to collect various images of different focal points in Coney Island, blow up the good ones and make an entire CI inspired exhibit.

After much smoking and just hanging out, we got hungry.  Instead of waiting for the chicken to defrost, he ordered Chinese, and I made a cucumber, green pepper & asparagus salad to tide us over. ::yum::  Dinner was then had a short time later.

That’s pretty much it, aside from smoking ourselves stupid once again.  Due to the warm temperature this weekend [us Jerseans get excited when it gets 40+ degrees] we will be going out.  Not sure what we are doing yet, but it will certainly be too damn nice to sit inside.

Seriously think we smoked too much, because we both got out of bed thinking it was after eight.  So I throw on my ‘bare minimal face’ and prepare to gulp down my coffee when I glance up at the clock and then the television.

Is that the right time?” I asked, as it was only 6:30.

There was certainly minutes to spare for a bowl before I had to hit the road.  It would be worth the hour plus drive to go to school considering I had a nice relaxing evening with my best friend.

Had some good after lunch conversation with Shane—he is the one with the thick sideburns I had been checking out when he first appeared in school—about random things.  He complimented my silver ring and showed me the one he had.  The conversation was actually that of an intellectual nature, and this is the kind of people who I like to be friends with.  In that respect, it kind of sucks I will be leaving in less than a month, but plan on making the most of it while I am there.

Trying to get a metal hanger down your throat is not as fun as you think it is,  but damn it, I am going to keep up the practice.  Then I can further disgust those that seem not to like me with my display of putting a large metal object down my throat.


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