Happy Get Drunk and Wear Green Day™

[Originally written 3.17.03]

Very brief update while waiting for Jon to return with the provisions for tonite’s debaucherous festivities.

Patiently made it thru the whole week in anticipation of seeing him last Friday evening.  Of course he was happy when I arrived.  Immediately, smoking ourselves stupid was in order.  Followed by eating,  more smoking and drinking then passing out.

Saturday we decide to go out and not waste the nice weather, stopping at a diner for lunch.  You know, one of those shiny chrome ones I love so much.  Very nice place; good food as well.  After that we hit up an Army & Navy store.  Jon bought new jeans for himself and a short-sleeved black shirt for me, as I desperately needed one.  Drove around for a while and decided to stop for some ice cream at this darling little vintage parlor.  Continued driving while keeping an eye out for a particular second-hand shop, but came across a different one and stopped in.  The clothes were nice, but too expensive for customizing.  Then we found the one that we had looking for but it was closed, so we just went back to his place instead, to repeat the previous nite’s activities.

Woke up after noon on Sunday with the warm sun on my face.  Jon made breakfast as we smoked and suggested we sit outside.  Retrieved those oh-so precious Skin Two magazines [happily acquired from this random fetish shop I had found in North Jersey] from my car and joined him out back with my art supplies.  Now the pervert’s mind will quickly jump to assumptions as to why I had issues of Skin Two in the first place.  Of curse I can dig on a good majority of the lovely fetish wear; latex—especially in corset form—looks so aesthetically pleasing, and I appreciate that people enjoy these things for a number of reasons.  However, I happen to own these for artistic references when drawing, using the poses and clothing when I get stumped.

After a few hours of being in the zone, Jon suggests we should go to Coney Island.  Definitely a long ride up, but of course a couple of proper blunts helps speed that along.  Sat next to the Cyclone and ate our lunch.  There were a lot of people who swarmed the amusement area and boardwalk, just coming and going in the same way as we were.  Couldn’t get over how many people were there, considering maybe 20 people at the most were in the area when we had visited last week.  Dozens of people were walking around, enjoying the sun and cool breeze coming in from the water.  The line for Nathan’s was out the door.  The El Dorado bumper cars was blasting their music and doing good on business.  Some little candy shop on Surf Ave was open and whafting scents of sugar thru its doors.  There are some new pieces of wood on the Cyclone, which were spotted as we gazed fondly at our favorite coaster.  Yes sir, the amusement area is certain getting ready for opening day.  Wonder if the Parachute Jump will be put together by then, as it was still in pieces.

We had a nice stroll on the beach, arms linked as tho we were one of those old European couples you see slowly wandering around.  Lost ourselves in conversation and the soothing rhythm of the sea.

Later on, we stopped in at this diner on Cropsey Ave that had damn good food and fantastic classic photos of Coney Island on the walls.  Was especially struck by one of the Parachute Jump while Steeplechase still existed.  Ordered some coffee and a super decadent tiramisu from another diner on the way back, then proceeded to get stoned at his place, the relaxation almost overwhelming.

Right now, there is a keg and a blunt that need my attention.  Also promised some people I’d make a coat hanger disappear in my throat, so off to do that now.


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