Miss Anti-Beauty Pageant

[Originally written 3.24.03]

Was putting my face on Friday morning and the phone rings.  It was so good to hear Jon’s voice.  He invited me to come over around 7:30 for some dinner.  Went to school happy.  Did absolutely nothing for most of my time there.

The highlight was going to lunch with Shane.  Funniest shit ever.  You would think these people never saw anything out of the ordinary. Then again, having us look the way we do and wearing those awful Crapi uniforms does make for good entertainment.  Shane exclaims “Look, the freak show’s here!” as we entered the pizza joint.  I swear, the guy behind the counter took 5 minutes to understand we wanted a whole white pizza with eggplant and tomato on half, to the point I felt my brain being turned to mush due to his stupidity.  Lucky for them the pizza was good.

Dashed back here to shower and all that.  Was bombarded by a thunderstorm that came out of nowhere, causing everyone to drive like an ass.  Guess people never saw water falling out of the sky before.  Thankfully I made it thru the obstacle course that was the Garden State Parkway to Jon’s nice, dry, safe house.

Shared a bowl before heading out for Chinese food and bought a bottle of whiskey as well.  The rain dried up long enough for us to have the Miss Anti-Beauty Pageant, so that was a relief.  Since this is the third year for the pageant, there was an awesome crowd, which makes all the hard work and effort we put into advertising worth the while.  Things like this don’t just happen by magic, and Jon actually builds the stage himself with the assistance of a couple friends.  Yea, it might be DIY, but we still make it look good.   The event was well-received, a gorgeous girl won the crown, and I placed first in the Hair Art competition, but that might be due to a biased judges panel.  *ha ha*

Then the music swelled and it was time for some good ol’ fun South Jersey hillbilly style.  There were a lot of couples swing dancing, which for some strange reason always puts a smile on me face.  Much consumption of ‘shine and ‘shrooms took place alongside smoking, but it was a super friendly atmosphere and I met a lot of great people.  Jon and myself did a midnite performance which I had been nervous about, but it went really well.  [That boy is getting me addicted to being in front of a crowd.]  Partied into the a.m. hours after that, then we all went down to the beach to watch the sunrise.  Said good-bye to many faces I hope I remember, thanking them for coming out and having a good time, and then it was time for sleep.

Saturday I woke up to breakfast in bed, which came with side of blunt.  Jon was in the mood for an adventure [in addition to wanting to take the Chevy out], so we play Pick Random Diner™ and land on one that’s way the fuck up in Staten Island.  It was absolutely beautiful outside, so neither one of us minded the drive.  When I am with Jon in that Chevy, time does not seem to exist.  The windows are rolled down, the music gets turned up and we both spark a joint, losing ourselves in conversation.  Spent an hour going the wrong way trying to locate the Victory.  At least we got to enjoy the fabulous scenery.  *ha ha*

Finally stopped and asked for directions, we wind up goin back the way we just came.  Meanwhile, I am staring out the window in awe of how beautiful the houses were and how upscale the neighborhoods were.  Especially the mansions way up on the hills.  Wonder who lives there? [Ceazan weaze seahzay meazafeazia?]  The diner was really nice, one of those stand-alone dinner cars with brick that was added later to make it more solid.  The food was good, and we entertained ourselves by talking about the other people in our language.  *hehe*

Returned to his place to smoke ourselves stupid and make some alcoholic slush things.  Later in the evening, we drive out to the Pine Barrens, eat some mushrooms and choose to wander around.  Now this is only the sort of thing I would do with Jon, because I trust him more than anyone I know, and he is very familiar with the maze of trees that ordinarily confuse sober people.  That’s not to say I wasn’t kind of scared, considering the fact that it was pitch black out and we were tripping.  It felt as tho my hand was melted into his, and so long as I was aware of his presence [perhaps even too aware], I knew I was completely safe.  Jon would never let anything happen to me, and it really does give me a great sense of comfort.  The experience actually helped me to calm down, and I saw some amazing things.

Sunday was mostly spent in bed, smoking or eating.  Obviously by now I have noticed that Jon tends to allow me to stay longer and longer, because I know he doesn’t want to let me go.  After dinner, he surprised me with a gift in the form of a second pair of shears, in case anything happened to the first pair, along with a nice leather pouch to keep all my tools in.  Have I mentioned yet how much my best friend rocks?

Came back here sometime after nine and avoided contact until I had to go to bed.


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