Carny vs Real Job

[Originally written 3.27.03]

Spent four hours in a salon today.  Washed hair.  Washed towels.  Swept up hair.  Did other fun assistant work and made $15.  Seriously hoping that I will get paid an actual salary and they don’t expect me to live off tips.  Yea, money is money and all that, but I need to save it for something important.

Today was just sort of my start day to get the feel of the salon and whatnot.  Going back on Saturday from 9-4.  Weaseled out of having to stay until nine by outright lying.  It’s amusing at how good I am at it, but that just comes with being a Carny.

Saturday happens to be a very busy day in the salon [as if I didn’t know that] and I guess they could have used an extra pair of hands.  Anyway, with as much sincerity as I could muster, I looked the owner in the eye and told him that quite honestly, the reason I am hesitant to work the full hours on Saturday is because I do volunteer work and take care of an elderly gentlemen who can’t do things for himself.  *ha ha ha*  It’s not a total lie when you think about it, but I was not going to see the Asshole either.

He looked quite shocked, but pleased, said it was admirable and that he understands.  Damn I’m good.

Oh, and the reason I even did this to begin with, is because I had wanted to roll down to South Jersey this weekend to chill with Jon, and that was kind of more important to me than standing around waiting to wash towels while listening to useless gossip.

The thing is, I have been trying to get a hold of him since Wednesday to tell him the good news about the job. Left him a message to get int touch with me, then went to do my grandmother’s hair.  Sat and talked shit about my mom for 4 hours. Learned some very interesting things.

Anyway, I’m happy that I will be making some money at the salon.  Every last dollar goes straight into my account;  no fucking around with it.  Can maybe last here until the end of the month, but not a day after that.  Really wish I could leave after I graduate, but that just isn’t going to happen.  I have been so busy job hunting that I haven’t had the time to search for an affordable apartment.  However, I will only be working 4 days a week, so the other 3 will have to be dedicated to finding a place.

Meanwhile, my mind keeps going back to the same thought over and over again.  That being I should stop allowing my Dad and everyone else to pressure me into getting a ‘real job’, when I really just want to be performing with Jon.  Which is not really something that’s easy to explain to friends, so I don’t even know how I would go about breaking the news to my parents.  “Oh hey, I have this awesomely talented best friend that I’ve been hanging out with for three years now.  He’s a Carny and I am too, and we put on these great shows.  All these people come out to watch us do weird things, and it’s the most amazing moments of my life.  In fact, it’s what I want to do from now on.”  Yea, I see that going over real well.  *sigh*

To all those that were bothering me to get a job, now I have one and want my reward.  *gimme gimme gimme*

Anyway, at least I can celebrating with Jon, because I know that he’s proud of me.  Even if we do have nice talks about hustling when we’re high.  Man, those were the days.  Spending hours in the City, looking sad and pathetic and not even having to ask people for spare change.  Most of the time they just gave it to me when they saw the tears running down my cheeks.  We also had a few old school scams that paid off well, but we couldn’t hit the same places often or we would blow our cover.  After a hard day of work, we would treat ourselves to dinner and stuff our faces until our bellies ached.  If nothing else, it gave us a great thrill, and how I loved watching Jon putting his skill to use.  Those hands move flawlessly and so quickly that it’s hard to even see what they are doing.  He tells me that my ability to cry at random is just as good, but he’s got that natural skill, and it’s part of what makes him so damn attractive.

However, we both have that respect for circus as an art, so it’s hard for us to always think about the money.  Then again, we enjoy the thrill of the hustle more than the pay off; the money is just a nice bonus.  Getting people to purchase tickets to watch us perform gives us way more satisfaction, of course.  Perhaps we can find a compromise to do both.

Now I stop before I keep rambling on and getting too ahead of myself, as I often do.  Sometimes I look at my older entries, and the plans I made for myself then that should have been accomplished by now.  One day at a time.


2 comments on “Carny vs Real Job

  1. tzopilotl says:

    …hey, baby, does my heart good to know you’re out there. carny’s more work than a real job one doesn’t work at anyway. remember the first clown was a dog and
    later became the devil after doing a stint in mexico
    as god of tobacco, the ole dogwood tree named after
    him. in some tarot cards he’s between the fools legs
    as a forget-me-not. work up your acts. here’s the word-
    string for mime=mati(N)=to know=(s)ma(r)ty=matimati-ca/
    math=mimati(N/frequentive)=subtle thing. check out
    Nauatl on google, you’ll find me there. tzopilotl/
    wordpress. rube=rupestre(sp)=country bumpkin. get
    some poetry=poa(N)=count,=power=p/ph/f(l)ower plower,
    its a close look=tloc(N)=location/ocular/lock on words.
    bring down the big top=toptli(N)=wrap/idol, hey, do
    bandage wrapping as joke=nolhuia(N)=norris(OE)=nurse=
    nourire(Fr)=nourish. follow the heart=h/th/t/tle(ar)t/l
    (letra)=tletl(N)=fire,=t/l/red/t/l=t/let/l, carry a
    letter board and act out words that begin with C,
    e.g., clown, cop, cup, co(m)b.

  2. It always makes me smile to know there are people who understand the Carny lifestyle. Also appreciate the extra info, and thanks for reading.

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