What Life Has Become

[Originally written 4.4.03]

For those of you in Jersey, who saw the snow today?

Believe me, I had to do several double takes just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.   [Drinking that mushroom tea last weekend produced quite a bit of those.]  Even asked other people if they saw it too.   In Kenilworth, there is no doubt that it snowed today.  Someone’s attempt at a belated April fool’s joke?  Tee-fucking-hee.

After my third day working at the salon, I am already looking for somewhere else to go.

Anyway, this whole thing with the Asshole asking me to move back in has been on my mind all day.  That is a whole can of worms I sort f don’t feel like writing about because it’s kind of confusing.  He made it perfectly clear  that we we are not dating, and I agree with those terms.  While I may pop over to E-town from time to time, I definitely enjoy my trips to South Jersey where I get to hang out with Jon, as he is my best friend after all.  The only thing missing from the equasion is that I always have to come back here when I’m done, so I can go to work or school.  What I wouldn’t give to hustle with him more frequently.  *sigh*

Will have to see what I can work out with the Asshole, because I don’t want to have fun over the weekend and come back here.  That would just be torture.

I would rather live out of my car than do that.  I would rather find a place in the City to squat than do that.  I would rather take up residence in the most haunted place in this state than do that.  I would rather dig a hole in the middle of the most toxic soaked soil of this state and dwell there than do that.

Going to Coney Island always seems to inspire me.  Relieves me of whatever funk I might be in.  Gives me motivation to keep working, so I can make money, so I can do the things I want.  Oh how I look forward to that.  ::smile::  Don’t know when I am going out there, but rest it will definitely be soon.

Before I get sidetracked [too late], I want to try to make it to Unimax for those 14g CBR’s.  Could I drag my ass out of bed early on a day I don’t have to go to school?

Have way too many other to take care of, and suddenly I feel that I have no time for myself.  Welcome to the fun world of responsibilities…it’s grand.


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