Coney Island Therapy

[Originally written 4.22.03]

When you realize things are about as bad as they can get, they can only get better.

Saturday it was so damn beautiful outside, I made use of the new cell phone and sent a text to Jon.  He just so happened to be up my way, so we met up in Newark and we headed out Coney Island in his Chevy, windows rolled down and blaring some great tunes.  Lit up a joint while crossing the Verizzano and I was starting to feel better.

It was great to be by the sea, and with my best friend to boot.  We strolled around so I could take some pictures of the Cyclone in action, the demise of the Jumbo Jet and some shots of the Bowery.  Then we looped back around to ride the Cyclone a few times, which made for some great stress relief.  How nice it is to have the breeze in your hair and face, waiting for the train to get to the top of that lift hill, pausing for a moment before you plummet down towards the ground and the swoop up again right before you crash into it.  Why something so simple brings me joy, I have stopped trying to figure out, and just loved every minute we held hands and shouted with glee.

Dropped my camera off at his car, where we had a few bowls and some mushroom tea.  Then wandered down Surf Avenue hoping that the museum was open.  No dice, but wait…there was a sign that said something about the sideshow, which had literally just opened for the season, so we decided to check that out.

It was standing room only, so we crammed against a wall to watch the show, and I was sure to pay careful attention.  After all, I want to learn from these people in order to be a better performer myself.  I loved how the audience reacted to Insectivora eating her various tasty bugs.  Classic hilarity.

There was a brief intermission [as people were sucked into the Blow-Off] where I got a chance to chat with Eak.  He was saying how there is a sideshow revival, and I commented that it was nice people are interested in keeping such a great tradition alive. [One that I will be an active part of in the next few months.]

The show started up again and I was more a student than a spectator.  Watched every facial expression, listened to the way the patter was delivered and studied the way each performer presented their acts.  Jon leans over to tell me that he sees what I’m doing and gives me a nice hug, adding how pleased he is at my eagerness to learn.

The highlight of the show was when I [once again] was invited up on stage.

Let me interject here to say that every time I go up there, it feels so natural, and I know this is what I was meant to do.

Assisted with the sword swallowing act performed by the amazing Tyler Fyre.  Was definately a willing volunteer, as when he asked if I had any experience swallowing sword [we ain’t talking about metal blades here], I enthusiastically replied “Yes“.  Then he asked if I’d like to swallow the sword, and I said sure.  [Which I know wasn’t the response he was looking for, but playing along wouldn’t have been as much fun.]  He then said that he would do it instead, instructing that when he leaned over and winked, I would pull the sword out of his mouth.  [Had done this same routine the Great Fredini during the sideshow school, so I knew exactly what to do]. He had some trouble getting the blade down, due to the fact that it was still kind of cold in the bulding, but once it was down, he leaned over, winked and I pulled the sword out.  Applause for me.

Then I fell for the kiss-on-the cheek routine.  Not sure why I didn’t think of of it at the time, until as I go to kiss his cheek, and he turns to kiss my lips instead.  My face must have been so red.  More applause for me and I took my seat again, with Jon doing his duty of busting my balls.

Great show over all, and I must say it was definitely worth going.  Said good-bye to my friend since he had to be off and do some stuff, but not before letting me finish off the tea.  That was definitely the hardest part of such a fun-filled day, but Jon promised that I would be hearing from him again soon.  At least I  slept pretty well that nite.

Today was pretty much uneventful. On the bright side, I found Dressed to Kill.  The shirts were so drool-worthy.  [If only I could find some long skirts].  Found a kick ass shirt with a sideshow banner on it depicting the Human Blockhead.

Perhaps one day, I actually will meet that certain somone that appreciates my bizarre beauty. If only the circus would come to town and whisk me away…I would be so happy.

How great technology is, that you can sent a note to your friend via phone while lamenting in an on-line journal and suddenly get a smile on your face.  No, drugs will not ‘fix’ my ‘problems’, but they sure make me not give a shit for a while.


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