Taking Control of Life

[Originally written 5.13.03]

Meeting up with my dad for lunch tomorrow, and I am just going to be blunt and ask him for some start-up money. How can he say no? I will have a job as soon as the temporary license comes in the mail, but I have to get out before that.

For the time being, Jon slipped me a few bills, so I will be able to get all the jewelry I want in order to finish my ear project, as well as all the sideshow supplies I need.

After only a week of rocking the mohawk, I killed it.

Now I have hair a la Tyler Fyre , only my little tuft isn’t even an inch long yet, and it’s black. Thankfully I still have my side locks.  There is no way I am giving those up since they finally look good.

Found some red and off-black human hair in my stash of random fake hair things, so I put in some loose extensions. This had to be the hardest hair extensions I have done, since mine is so damn short. It took me six hours with a break somewhere along the way. So now I have these two little pigtails, only the left one is thicker than the right, so I will have to fix that tomorrow.  At least I have a more interesting hair style, and I really like the feminine touch of the length.  *hehe*  Might add some black and red weft for bulk. However, I need hair pins and some cute cheap clips or ties or something to hide the track. Suffice to say that I love it.  I am adorable, and that is all I really care about.

The reason for shavin’ 98% of my head? As soon as funds allow, I am going tattoo my head…with leopard spots. Yea, that will certainly make me so happy. Then I will start working on the sleeves, from top to bottom.  A little bit at a time until I am done.

One day, most likely far off in the future, my whole transformation thru body modification will be complete.  At the moment, I do not have concrete plans for everything I want, as I am sure my tastes and aesthetics will evolve.  Modifications themselves are constantly being improved, and what is the hot new thing now might just wind up being more common place in ten years.  However, everything that I have done, along with everything that I will acquire, is because I want to.  Nothing annoys me more than people who modify themselves for inane reasons.  Oh hey, a boy I like has his septum pierced, so I’m going to get mine done too.  Unfortunately, I don’t really see people getting smarter, but at least I can take comfort in knowing that I try to document my mods, so that I can look back with a smile and enjoy the fact that certain things have lasted thru the years.  Now that is dedication.


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