Feeling Withdrawn

[Originally written 6.5.03]

Finally came to this conclusion today. It is official.  I am addicted to Coney Island.

The last time I went there was back in April. Shame on me, as I try to go once a month. However, we planned on going the last two weekend in May, it rained and I was sick.  It was Mother’s Day before that, and I am not quite sure why we never went that first weekend in May.  None of that really matters at the moment.

Perhaps the reason I have the Island on my mind, is due to the fact that it has been making the news a lot lately: when the W line was extended there; the week after it opened [tho the news anchor had said it was opening day]; on Memorial Day when it was pouring rain; on the top five list of beaches to visit this Summer [it was number one]; and just the other day, when a raccoon was resuced from the top of the Astro tower. Coney has also been used as a backdrop for an anti-smoking commercial, a Nike commercial and a Counting Crows video.

Is it any wonder I have Coney Island on the brain most of the time?

What’s not to love about that place? Tho much of it’s history has been destroyed by greedy politicians, and fuckers like Fred Trup and Rober Moses, there is plenty of history that remains. The Cyclone, Wonder Wheel, Parachute Jump and Child’s are all landmarked. They can never be destroyed. The boardwalk is 80 years old. It is home to the only ten-and-one sideshow with a permanent residence. There are bands that play on Thursday nites, burlesque Friday nites and films Saturday nites. The sideshow and museum are opened every weekend. There’s the Mermaid Parade to look forward to, as well as the Siren Music Festival, Nathan’s hotdog eating contest and the Independant Film Festival.

Do you need any more of a reason to go?

You could go to one of the big name theme parks.  They have their fancy high-speed thrill rides and whatnot.  However, they would not even exist today if it had not been for the pioneers of Coney Island. There may not be high-rising steel tracks that brag being the tallest, fastest or longest.  There is just something about the place that will suck you in.

If you go once, you will have the urge to go again and again and again and again…

Now that the Parachute Jump is back together, I would like to get some proper photographs of it, and I am in desperate need of a couple dozen rides on the Cyclone.

No matter what, Coney Island will always have a special place in my heart.  Most people do not understand my fascination with the amusement area and it’s decades of sordid history, or why I find so much enjoyment in going to the sideshow.  It’s just one of those things in my life that is, and I am so happy to have such a wonderful place only 18 miles away.  The adult playground where nothing else matters, and you can lose yourself in enjoyment.  There is not much else in my life that holds as much meaning, and I don’t feel I should have to explain this to anyone.

I love Coney Island, plain and simple.


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