Starting to Feel Like Fall

[Originally written 10.3.03]

Personally, I love Fall and Winter.  True, it gets cold – especially in Jersey – but I will take cold over hot any day.  When you’re cold, you can snuggle up in some nice warm covers or maybe even with a loved one.  When it’s hot, what can you do but suffer?

Anyway, I simply enjoy putting on my nice, heavy Winter clothes, making sure to have plenty of layers, and of course it’s the perfect time to wear my leather jacket, then eventually the trench when it gets colder.

The wardrobe must start to improve because I am sick to death of all that I have.  Most of it is leftover from going clubbing every weekend, and while some items are alright for general purpose outings, I feel that a lot of my clothes fall short of the way I want to represent myself.  Suffice to say that I want to “tone it down” a bit.  Perhaps I can even label it as being more “conserative”. Now let us not confuse this with the corporate drone fashion.  It’s just that I dream of my closet to be full of knee-length skirts, swing dresses, petticoats, button-down blouses, boleros, well-fitted suit jackets and things of that sort.  Everything red, blue or black of course, as I wouldn’t dare abandon my colors.

While I have visited these thoughts before, the current inspiration came from my trip to the City yesterday.  After sitting in an extreme amount of traffic, I finally made it to Newark where I met up with Jon and hopped on the Path.  We had an interesting conversation with some random person who was intrigued by our appearance.  Jon always makes a good show when we go out, and most of the time he just puts the effort into being well-groomed and has a clean set of clothes on.  For certain occasions, particularly performing, there is another side to a man most would assume is just another run-of-the-mill tattooed delinquent.  When playing the role of the talker, he is dressed in the finest suit, crisp shirt, silk tie and matching pocket square, shoes that alwasy look freshly shined and an attitude befitting a proud Carny; everything is bold colors of the primary range.

On this particular evening, he was in blue jeans with perfect cuffs that set off his red snakeskin boots, a black cowboy shirt with soft yellow piping, black leather sports jacket and shallow waves glistened in his dirty blond hair.  In short, he looked gorgeous as always and I had to keep from blubbering all over myself with glee.  My outfit was much less stunning: a simple black skirt and red button-down blouse; black fishnets, comfortable low-heeled black leather boots and black denim jacket.  Not as colorful as I would have liked, but I suppose I compensated for that with the make-up.

Anyway, by the time we got off the train it was ten after seven, and we were at the end of West 25th street.  The event we were attending was Marie Robert’s exhibit of sideshow banners, and I did not want to be late.  How we managed to walk those ten [or perhaps more] blocks in only twenty mintues is beyond me, but we made it to the gallery at 7:30 on the dot.  Jon convinced me to take a stroll around the block, where we smoked half a joint because he said I should relax.  He is my voice of reason and I am so glad that I had invited him to join me that evening.

There were a lot of people milling around inside, including two individuals I had the sideshow class with.  A couple of women insisted on taking our picture because they liked the way we looked, and while I thought it was kind of strange, we were was happy to oblidge.  Spoke to Adam [one of my fellow graduates] for a while about the whole sword swallowing thing, and he suggested that I just concentrate when practicing.  He also said that none of the swords he bought were over $20, which is good news for someone who doesn’t have a steady income.   Then again, Jon did hint that perhaps I will have one sooner than I expect.

For most of the evening, we wandered around the gallery to admire the lovely banners, entertaining conversation as they were thrown our way.  Free wine and food were a bonus, but I was just happy to be there supporting an art I love.  Withouth really thinking about it, Jon and I had our arms linked pretty much the entire time, which got people to assume we were dating or whatever.  Not like that bothers me, but my friend is just a gentleman and knows how to treat me well.  He makes me feel spoiled and does nothing more than show me kindness.  Overall, I always enjoy anything we are doing, even if it’s just being in each other’s company.

Tyler Fyre performed a few acts, but unfortunately when he lit his torches, the smoke detector went off and that was the end of the reception.

Somehow we managed to get lost on the way back to the PATH, partly due to smoking the other half of that joint and because smart me decided to walk down 9th street instead of going back the way we came.  At some point we came across a film crew; lights, cameras, actors and all that other good stuff.  Which meant that we had to go around and then I was unsure of where we were.  Fortunately Jon knows the City so well that we found our way, and he thought it was cute that I wanted to take charge in leading us back to the PATH station.  Needless to say I am not the best navigator when stoned but at least I made him laugh.

The point I was getting to, is that the divine miss Angelica was there as well, and I just really admired the way she was dressed.  Classy is a good way to define it.  Sure, there was a time when I enjoyed making my apperance as obnoxious as possible because I wasn’t taking myself seriously, but that was then and this is now.  In some way, I always knew that eventually I would let my mods speak for themselves and dress more appropriately because it fucks with people’s heads.  That’s what Jon does, and when I saw Angelica I understood why.  Not saying that she wore specific clothes for the same reason he did, but rather served as an exmaple of the way I would like to come across to people.  As Jon said, the true nature of Carny style is defined by the individual and is not something that can be bought.  The inspiration has been flowing since that nite, and I am so glad that I had the opportunity for such a wonderful experience.

Earlier today I was just randomly driving, and while out on route 80 there was this spontaneous rain.  It was cool, because the sky was blue everywhere else except this one spot.  Anyway, I saw a rainbow and thought it was pretty neat, as it’s not something I see often.  It wasn’t a full arch, just part of one, as the rest went into the clouds.  Tho this might sound stupid, it made me smile when I needed to.


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