Halloween Plans

[Originally written 10.20.03]

Saturday I woke up to find no one in the house. How nice that was, considering I could take a nice long shower without being paranoid and had time to fuss around with my make-up.

Arrived at Jon’s place around noon.  Immediately proceeded to smoke and consume food, then just sat and wrote for several hours.  Then we made ready for that evening’s festivities.  Every October we host sort of a haunted attraction in the Pine Barrens, which has been an Outlaw Cirkus tradition since they had first gotten together as a formal troupe.  In any event, we take the time to decorate a small portion of the woods that is accessable if you know your way around.  Mostly the local underground kids come out; a variety of punks, hobos, ‘billies and run-of-the-mill misfits, deviants and random scumfucks.  Hey, that’s what they call themselves, and while usually they don’t have the best reputation, they give us no trouble and are welcome to spend their money.

The preparation isn’t too bad, but the decorating takes a lot of time.  There are a couple of people who help out with the scares and all, tho the sideshow is the main attraction.  For these shows, Jon and I perform only the most dangerous stunts, which can reach a point of being stupid.  The Wall of Death pretty much defines that category, but I have come to terms with trusthing that he knows what he is doing.  Death defying daredevil has no fear – so he says.

This year the theme was old-timey medicine shows and their penchant of hawking snake oil to the rubes.  Jon has an excellent pinstriped red suit for the occasion, along with a vintage straw hat and bamboo cane.  He even managed to find a pair of blue suede boots and pulls out the twang in his voice to the point you would never know he’s from Jersey.  The show he puts on is impeccable, and I make it no secret that I love watching this.  People hang on every syllable that leaves his lips; they would gladly follow him like lambs to the slaughter house.  He entertains, charms and takes thier money while they laugh, smile and thank him for it.

My opinion of myself is less enthusiastic, but Jon assures me that I always play my role well.  For this, it’s to give my trust completely as he uses my skin.  Being a human pincushion really gets to people, because they don’t understand why someone would willing insert sharp objects into seemingly painful places on their body.  To lend yourself to someone else’s hands takes the act a step further, but I never worry about injury.  However, that is nothing compared to the final presentation of the evening.

It is something brutal, gruesome and carries the ability to make grown adults grow pale at the sight of.  In fact, I don’t even want to put the words here because I don’t know whose eyes may be looking.  However, I will say that Jon playing the role of the Geek is one to never be forgotten.  People have screamed and fainted, some make remark that it’s cool or gross, but all will remember what they have seen.

When all that was over, I knew we wouldn’t do anything more than smoke before climbing into bed and falling asleep, so I wasn’t disappointed when we did exactly that.  Wanted to wake up and watch Carnivale agan, but it’s not a big deal that I missed doing so.

Sunday was more of the same and left us both feeling slightly drained.  Since things were over by early evening, we made dinner together and enjoyed sitting down to eat it.  Then we smoked and relaxed watching television. 

The new episode of Carnival did not dissapoint.  The whole sequence wit Ben in the battle field was majorly confusing, especially when he ran into Lodz who had his vision.  Wondering why Ben didn’t tell him what he saw.  The beginning where they show why Jonesy limps was pretty awesome, and I was surprised when Brother Justin got up and left.  That radio broadcast of his story was great, and of course, carnival justice is the shit, hands down.  At first I couldn’t believe that they just let the guy go, but of course Samson got him in the end  The next episode will hopefully make some sense out of this one, and of course I am looking forward to seeing it.

At some point in the evening, we decided to go on vacation the following weekend.  Arrangements have been made.  We will be heading up to Lake Compounce in Connecticut for their Halloween event.  It’s cool because you get to dress in full costume, and this place is deep in the woods.  The one roller coaster they have actually cuts thru the trees, and I cannot wait to go on that son of a bitch in the dark.  It shall be fun.   He suggested breaking Rule #1*, which while flattering was totally unexpected and met with uncomfortable silence.  We are set to leave early Saturday, so I guess I will be staying over on Friday. 

Tomorrow at some point during my outing, I will make use of the money Jon gve me to buy a new multi-purpose skirt.

*Rule #1: There will be no sex in the champagne room.


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