Lake Compounce Vacation

[Originally written 10.20.03]

The trip to Lake Compounce [Bristol, CT] definately lifted my mood.  The trip was just what I needed. The drive up wasn’t bad at all, about the same distance as Wildwood, and I certainly enjoyed all of the beautiful colors on the trees. We got a bit lost, but found our way with no problems.

After eating dinner in the hotel, we put on some gruesome make-up and headed for the park.  It was a pleasnt nite; not too cold or windy. It was good to see so many people in the early spirit of Halloween, dressed to the nines in their best costumes.  Silly rubes and their generic store bought outfits that look more like cartoons than fiends and ghouls.  Of course there were many heads that turned in our direction, as well as some comments, but what did we care?  Dressing up like the living dead – not really zombies, but just as gorey and creepy – is such a thrill.  People are genuinely scared of you even when you aren’t trying, and we love to laugh about how silly they can be.

The Boulderdash was an awesome ride.  There were no lights on it what so ever, and speeding thru the woods at approximately 60-70 MPH in the pitch black definately got our adrenaline going, tho I would have preferred the park to be a bit darker.

There was some ass-hat that was standing around holding fire and insulting patrons for not paying attentioin to him.  Weak.  Jon wanted to steal his torches and show him how it’s really done, but said that standing there and making an idiot of himself was just as funny.

Sunday we woke up and had ourselves a free breakfast buffet, then packed up and went back to his place where we smoked, ate and watched Carnivale.  Damn good episode, as always.  Was glad to see Ben finally used his powers, and I suspect something happened between Scudder and Ruthie, tho I’m not sure how that fits in with everything yet.  Knew Stumpy wouldn’t leave, but I was hoping he would.  His wife is such a bitch sometimes.  The whole side plot wit Brother Justin was a trip, and it was cool that he realizes that he has a gift.  Perhaps he will use it soon.  Don’t quite understand why Lodz hit Lila with his cane, but I’m sure the reasoning behind that will be revealed next week.

Tomorrow I am hoping to go into the City for a needle and jewelry, as my verticle labret is in need of piercing

Friday is Hallowen and I’ll be going to the parade in the Village with Jon, followed by drinking and haunting the streets like the obnoxious Jersey asshole Carnies we are.  Will be assembling costume and make-up during the day, which I have had planned out for quite some time now.  It’s nice to be excited about a day that supposed to be about having fun anyway, and of course I am happ that I can to spend it with an awesome friend.


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