Carnivale Rambling

[Originally written 11.10.03]

I did exactly what I wanted all weekend by smoking myself stupid and spent my time re-writing The Diving Machine.  Once that’s done I can start adding to it.

Only three more episodes of Carnivale.  Seriously think that I have run out of praise for this show, as it’s just that damn good.  Samson’s approach to get Ben to open up more is better than Lodz’s, and the good professor seems to always be in management’s ear.  Kind of already knew that Scudder was Ben’s father, but how does all that Knights of the Templar stuff fit in?  Had no idea the tattooed man was Sophie’s father…that came out of nowhere.  Fire ball shows – ain’t nothin’ more fake, but damn, they knew how to pitch it to get the people to pay. Man eating chicken is a classic.  This is the second time Samson marked a wealthy man that passed by. [That’s where the term comes from, kids.]  Had a feeling he was going give Lodz the watch fob during his mentalist act, and now he sees the visions that Ben has been experiencing.  Jonesy shouldn’t have fucked that pig [aka Rita Sue].  She was just playing nice with him, then goes off and tells Stumpy that “you know what to do” should Jonesy come back.  Damn him for hitting that shit again.  Pleased to see Brother Justin using his power – I loved how he whispered to that guy, and he just went over to the wall and started bashing his head against it.  Oh how I would love to be that influential on people.  Now that he has been released, I am thinkig that he is going to return to Mintern and punish the people who fucked with his church.

The upcoming episode will most likely fill in the blanks and answer the questions this one left, as that’s what usually happens.


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