Autumn’s Essence

While none of this information is exactly going to be breaking news for those who already have their fingers on the pulse of the 2011 Fall trends in hair and make-up, it will break down the hottest looks this season for those who may not be as skilled as YouTube gurus when it comes to application or executing a specific style.  Also, I thought it would be fun to translate the prevailing styles into ones that burlesque and sideshow performers can wear whether on stage or going out for dinner.  The highlight of the season plays off what it is most well known for – color.  It was seen in designs all over the runway and certainly extends to the latest blueprints for elegant make up, and can also be easily incorporated into every woman’s custom wardrobe.


Make your lips feel like they are the stars of the show with a bold red in sheer or matte finish topped off with gloss for a truly glamours pout befitting any Hollywood bombshell.  It all comes down to selecting the right hue, and with such delicious names such as wine, peach, cherry and merlot, among many others, there is one color that will suit every complextion.  Burgundy and coral are also popular, and no matter which lipstick you use, don’t forget a coat of gloss for extra shine.  If you’re feeling even more daring, a dose of glitter will sparkle under stage lights, but be warned that it will have to be touched up a few times during the course of an evening. The lipstick pictured on the right is Lancôme’s Coral Goddess, which touts itself as having “full, fade-free color in tempting textures” and is infused with softening ingredients to leave lips with an all day feeling of comfort.  For a more avant-garde look such as seen in the photo below from Illamasqua’s Theatre of the Nameless collection, line the lip with a black pencil, taking care not to be too clownish.  Always remember to pair fire-tinged lips with neutral colored eyes and cheeks to keep the focus in one place.

It’s time to cross the threshold and embrace a world of unadulterated decadence.


Without a doubt the cat eye is one of the most iconic make up styles for classy ladies that I personally feel never gets old, but certainly can use an update every once in a while.  This season, there are two changes to the cat eye that we all know and love which will take the retro black winged liner to a sultry smudged shadow or transform you into a futuristic femme fatale.

Smokey cat eye mixes two of make up’s timeless looks without one being mistaken for a character on Jerseylicious.  Black is out and purple, green or blue jewel tones are in.  Trade those hard liners for soft powders, sweeping them across the top and bottom of the eye.  Then use a brush to blend, diffuse and obscure harsh edges, and don’t forget to define the signature ‘wing’ of the traditional cat eye.   Add a bit of gold on the inner corner or use it as a liner for a more robotic heroine accent, following the upper lash line to make the eyes look bigger.

Metallic cat  eye reminds me of the atomic age in the 50s where saturation was on high and chrome trimmed vehicles that were physical representations of the era’s space obsession cruised the asphalt ocean.  These elements are combined to create a powerful look that will certainly draw attention to the eyes.  Begin with a charcoal shadow [bonus if it has sparkles] across the lid, then dust on red, gold or copper and edge it out into a soft point.  A lighter color on the inner corner, especially white, gives the illusion of larger eyes and really makes the look pop.


Wear the cliched womanly glow during chilly Autumn evenings to keep the blood warm while romping through forests waiting to be scared by some masked teenager.  Avoid that harsh blush look by using creme instead of powder in a neutral or peach tone, and then sweep on a gold highlighter for that ‘candle lit’ appearance.  This plays well when coordinating nude metallic eyes and lips for an ethereal goddess image, or with heavy kohl lids and lightly berry tinted lips to portray a 1940s starlet.  Personally, I kind of ‘cheat’ and use an artist’s pigment because it carries a lot of metallic sheen, not to mention that a little bit goes a long way.  Definitely remember that you are aiming for luminous and natural, not I’m-so-sweaty-because-I’m-drunk-and-just-got-out-of-the-club.


The last make up trend to discuss are those that apply to what I consider to be the face’s accessories, as eyes, lips and cheeks are the main parts that one is aiming to accentuate.  Apparently spider lashes, those thick clumpy nightmares that we usually do our best to avoid, are now something that ladies will want to sport.  This is one trend that I do not understand, nor do I feel it would look good aside from being on the runway or in a photo shoot.  However, I am in favor of adding false lashes to make your own appear thicker, and feel the drama can come from the right product.  For this I suggest trying Cover Girl’s LashBlast Fusion Water Resistant Mascara, which utilizes a super volumizing fiberstretch formula for fuller, longer-looking lashes.

Bold brows do not have to equal shapeless squares, and high arches do not have to be on the forehead.  These are two looks I feel people get wrong on a continuous basis, and yet they persist in being a trend.  For thick brows that are face framing, stick with a pencil that is only a shade darker than your natural color.  Gently fill in your brows and soften with a brush, and make sure that there is a defined arch, even if it’s small.  Think Marilyn Monroe, not rejected muppet parts.  On the other side of the spectrum are shaped, curving brows that again follow along with being inspired by looks of the 40s.  It takes a lot of skill to draw on brows that aren’t just lines on your face, and this is coming from someone who has been doing it since my sophmore year of high school.  The best tips I can give is to take your time and a dampened cotton swab works wonders when it comes to fixing mistakes.

With this knowledge, the proper tools and the right amount of patience, pretty much everyone will be able to execute at least one of these looks. They have great versatility, particularly if you are a sideshow or burlesque performer in need of something new for that next big show or photo shoot.  In general, it seems the aesthetic of the Autumn season is the classic bold and beautiful, with lots of vintage inspiration, saturated colors and specific details that would make any woman feel as though she is a glamours Hollywood starlet.

Next Edition – deconstructing this year’s Halloween costumes that are supposedly circus, sideshow or burlesque related and how one can pull it off without being offence.  Another bonus feature continues Fall beauty trends with an article on the brightest colors, drastic cuts and ways to accessorize in a simple yet elegant way.

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