Jersey Assholes in the City

[Originally written 11.17.03]

Considering there were moments this Summer where I greatly missed my friend, Jon and I have been spending a considerable amount of time together and I absolutely love it.  Whether we are just sitting around getting stoned and watching television while random converstions pop up or we are out and about being true to our Carny nature [okay, and sometimes being obnoxious assholes], I appreciate the time we have together.  It fills me with the utmost joy and serves as a constant reminder of all the reasons I am so thankful to have this friendship.

We wound up in the City on Saturday, for no other reason than the weather was fairly pleasant and we felt like a change of pace from the Shore.  Not that I don’t feel utterly relaxed there, but it’s always a nice treat to climb in Jon’s Chevy and take a trip somewhere.  The hours were spent hustling and spanging, which will always come naturally to Jon.  It’s like most of the time he doesn’t even think about what he’s doing; his fingers do all the work, and in the span of half an hour he can lift about a hundred dollars from people’s pockets or wallets.  We don’t really get into the routines that we used to play, but that’s mostly because he would rather me focus on my sideshow skills than always depending on being able to cry at the drop of a hat.  However, we did sit on a corner and hassle people for their spare change while drinking a 40.  Most people will ignore us and that’s totally fine since we aren’t straight up hobos who need the money for food or whatever.  It’s pretty much something that we do for fun because Jon enjoys observing the way human beings act towards others.

Had an excellent lunch in Chinatown, and after doing  little bit of shopping we decided to head back to Jersey.  That’s when we got trapped.

No matter which way we tried to get back to Jersey, there was traffic from hell.  Jon was not at all pleased; he hates traffic and I don’t blame him.  At least it gave us plenty of time to chat about whatever was on our minds, which I always enjoy.  It would have been better if we didn’t leave the weed at his house.  However, he shared stories about the days when he lived in the City, and how he went out every nite because there was always something going on.  He even pointed out a couple of buildings where he used to live, a longing for days passed evident in his eyes.  Sadly the City ain’t what it used to be, and what a shame that is.  In a way I slightly envy that man for all the fun things that he did and I want to, but am unable to because things are different now.

At some point, we both got pretty pissed that we couldn’t get ourselves out of the City.  So it was good-bye manners and hello assholes from Jersey.  Don’t think I have ever held onto a door so tightly before.  That boy gets crazy when he has to sit in traffic.  The highlight of our experience being packed in with slow moving cars, was when we came to a four-way stop, and some fucker thought he had the right of way.  The right of way is something none of us really have, but can always give.  This douche pulled up right next to us and started mouthing off.  We both had some choice words for him, mostly vulgarities and much cursing accompanied by extended middle fingers.  Jon looked like he wanted to get out of the car, but since the light had changed, I convinced him that we should go while we had the chance.  However, there was something shiny and steel in his hand that was intended for that loud-mouthed dick.  Needless to say, the fucker drove off in a hurry when his eyes set upon it.

Over an hour later, we got back to Jersey.  It might be a long time before we ever drive into the City again.  From now on we stick to the PATH, which we should have taken in the first place.  The only time I go by car is when Jon drives, but we never ran into that much traffic before.  At least we brought back some confectionary goodness and had plenty of bowls to laugh about the whole thing.

Sunday was our lazy day, not that we really needed one.  Had breakfast in bed and watched cartoons.  Jon had to go out for more libations, because we somehow smoked what we got on Friday.  Took a nice nap and then decided I didn’t want to live in the bed all day.  Listened to the t.v. while I wrote and waited for him to come back.  He made dinner and we tore into the new stash.

Two more episodes of Carnivale left before the end of the season.

Can’t believe Jonesy and Rita Sue are still going at it, and now Libby knows.  It’s odd, because he went to go talk to Sophie, and they ended up kissing.  Am guessing they had something going once before, and perhaps he fucked it up, but doesn’t want that to happen again.  He should just let the blond pig be and go with Sophie.  Samson and Ben tried to get some information from the local Knights of Templar, but came back empty handed.  Noticed the tapestry on the wall, with the cornfield in which a man with some tree tattoos stood; the same man Sophie saw raping her mother; the same man Ben saw on the road and in his dreams.  Thought it was funny that Stumpy brought in a new dancer.  The expression on Rita Sue’s face was priceless.  Now she will get a taste of her own medicine, or just become a bigger whore.  Brother Justin returned home and walked into his old church like he was Jesus.  His sermon was great, as he has those people in the palm of his hand, and they will follow him like the sheep they are.  It was awesome when the other priest baptized him, and the blood appeared on his forehead.  Jon and I both came to the conclusion that Management might be the tattooed man.  There’s some connection between him and Scudder.  Management is looking for him, and is likely using Ben to get to him.  Lodz seems to be in Management’s favor, as Samson got booted out of the trailer.

The preview of next week’s episode makes me wish it was already Sunday again.  There are still so many loose ends and questions witout answers.  Hard to believe that there are only two episodes left.  This show is addictive, and I always feel as tho I’m  watching a docutmentary of people’s lives.

My verticle labret is healing nicely.  There’s not much pain, except when I turn or clean the jewelry.  Just wish the top bead would stop sticking to my lip, tho I suppose that will happen once the hole is healed.  Might have to get a new piece anyway, because I don’t like the size of the beads compared to the ones I have in my other lip holes.

Guess I’ll be hitting up the apartment later on.  Don’t want to be around here because my mom decided not to go to work today and I find myself utterly annoyed by her presence.  At least the Asshole has been less of one and we can hang out and smoke without him saying stupid things.  Definitely better than being here, but still not a permenant solution.


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