Drinking Games

[Originally written 12.12.03]

Two days ago Jon and I decided to have some drunk fun.  It began with tiki shots of Southern Comfort while watching some Oz, which is one of HBO’s better original series.  He laughed at me because I had never played a drinking game before.  Then I reminded him that I was still a few weeks shy of turning 22, so I did not have a lot of opportunity to be well-versed in alcohol consumption.  However, my sister and I used to play bar with our dolls in my Mom’s basement, because we had found these tiny bottles that were just the right size for Barbie and we made some really aweful mixes with them.  Hey, I was like 11 and she was 13, so it’s not as tho we knew anything about booze.  Most of the mixes found their way into the drain, but I did find my taste for liquers before I ever understood what they were.  Ten years later, I had many weekends of going to the club and filling my body with absurd amounts of alcohol, which I attributed to being Polish and coming from a history of alcoholism.

In any event, we then switched things up and played the Hellraiser drinking game, which is pretty much asking for death.  Of course we cheated because playing by the rules is for when you don’t have to get up for work the next day…or the day after that.  It started off with a shot of Southern Comfort and then the bottle of Captain Morgan was passed between us, because it was just easier to keep up that way than attempting to pour shots.

Took a break for dinner so that our stomachs weren’t rotting with booze and then smoked a blunt while waiting for thigns to settle.  watched more Oz, some Simpsons and fell asleep to Run Ronnie Run.

It was nice to wake up to a quiet house with my best friend by my side, and it reminded me how much I miss being on my own.  Suffice to say it was another kick in my ass to stop being so  lazy and go find a job.

Jon made breakfast which I sorely needed, and after having our fill it was wake ‘n’ bake time.  Watched Office Space followed by a marathon of Married With Children.  Not exactly exciting compared to some of our other adventures, but it’s always nice just to curl up on the couch while stoned silly and just enjoying his company.  While part of me wanted to talk about what had happened between us at that motel, I figured that he didn’t seem botherd by it and neither should I.  However, I still have a few subjects to address, but I have to make sure I can express them correctly so I don’t come across as needy or whatever.  I mean, why ruin a good thing?  Figured that our relationship will just evolve as it is meant to, and there’s no reason to rush things and pressure him into making a  commitment.  We have been friends for this long, and I highly doubt that he would ever just up and leave me.  The time will come to discuss our future together, so for now I am just going to wallow in the happines I already have.

In 18 more days I get to once again celebrate surviving another year on this planet.  Jon will be providing me with entertainment again, which I really appreciate considering for the longest time I have felt that my birthday is ‘cursed’.  Case in point, it happens to fall on a Tuesday this year.  And people wonder why I hate my b-day.  It’s bad enough that I have to wait almost the whole fuckin year just to celebrate, and by the time it cones, it falls on a bad week day where I can’t do anything with other people because of work situations.  Which is why I am glad that we are going to continue the tradition of it not sucking, as it has for the past 20 years.  No idea what my boy has in store for me, but I am definitely excited.

Much thanks goes to Jon for coming thru for me once again.  He kept e-mailing the Bindelstiff’s about an internship, and finally got a reply.  Pretty stoked about it considering they are still looking for volunteers, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed while waiting to se what happens with the whole situation.  Having a well-spoken Carny with prior circus and carnival experience with whom I’ve been performing sideshow with for the past couple of years certainly is working to my advantage.  While I have no idea what the job will actually entail, I will be absolutely thrilled to have an opportunity to offer my assistance to such a well-known troupe.  No matter what, sideshow is really the only thing I see myself doing, so I might as well pursue every option that comes my way and see what comes from it.


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