Remembering the Thunderbolt

[Originlly written 11.20.03]

Three years and three days ago one of the saddest days in Coney Island history occured.

I still remember sitting on the couch and watching the news, when suddenly one of the most horrible images came on the screen, and it was announced that the Thunderbolt had been ripped down.

I fucking cried my eyes out.

Since then, it was made public knowledge that this was done illegally.  To this day, the lot remains empty and overgrown.

At least I have a few precious photographs of the way it used to look.  A lot of people would say that it was just an eyesore that should have been taken down before it was actually destroyed.  Which just goes to show that there is little appreciation for history, and that’s a fucking shame.


One comment on “Remembering the Thunderbolt

  1. las artes says:

    Who wouldn’t feel scared on an 80-year-old roller coaster? It’s been through everything – The Great Depression, WWII, yes almost every historic event you can think of (and your birth does not count). And yet it still stands tall and proud. I mean, I know my 80-year-old grandfather is scared of it, even when he grew up with this thing.The Cyclone has certainly been through a lot, whether it’s people bashing it of being unsafe or being paranoid about how ‘ancient’ it is, it ‘might collapse any minute’. If it hasn’t broken down in 80 years, why would it break right now? The cyclone is eternal, my friends. I love that we don’t have to have those ridiculous floating suits on our shoulders or things that go up to your crotch. Just classy, ol’ soft seats. Cyclone is so epic, my friend’s clip fell off and hit my face before it flew all the way down. I’ve only been on this roller coaster twice in my lifetime but it’s the best roller coaster I’ve been on, out of all the other ones at Six Flags, Adventureland, Dorney Park, whatever amusement park that tries to be more dominant than Cyclone = FAIL. Classic beats all.

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