[Originally written on this day in 2004.]

It was a slow day in the museum yesterday.  Not much excitement, but I got to listen to jazzy blues all day long and talk to the other volunteers when they are present.  One couple came in to look at the photos on the wall of Times Square from back in the day, and we had a nice little chat about how much different it was then.

A while ago, Jon and I had this in-depth discussion [while stoned off our asses] on how if you sat a group of people in a circle, you could spend hours listening to them tell stories of places in a time that no longer exists.  Like how there are so many people who have been out to Coney Island, and even tho the majority of them have never met, they all have that one thing in common.

Suffice to say that I am a very nostalgic girl; I thrive for days that are long gone and a time when things were simpler.  When circus and sideshow were sufficient ways one could make a living and profiting off an unusual appearance was widespread.  It just seems so phenomenal when I think about all of the things that once existed and how wonderfully new they had seemed then.  Strange people that surpass what imagination could conceive, standing completely exposed bearing body and soul upon a stage for a curious crowd.  Some will never understand what motivates one to choose to become an exhibit, and I can honestly say it is a decision that should be weighed heavily before a commitment is made.

The high point of my day was when some random guy walked in and decided that he wanted to flirt with me.  He asked if I was married or had a boyfriend and wanted my digits.  Sorry, while I may be lonesome from time to time, I am certainly not in need of that kind of thing right now.

On my way out, I realized that it had started to snow.  How wonderful.  Stopped to get something to eat and then hopped on the subway.  For some reason, I am really starting to enjoy traveling by rail.  It is something I have done more of in the past couple of years, which I suppose coincides with the fact I am old enough to go out by myself and not have my mom ask too many questions.  Then when I think about it, I realize this is an activity I have enjoyed since I was a kid.  There is something fascinating about watching the landscape whizz by as this massive train car rumbles across the rails.  Even tho there is a lot of congestion at Newark’s station and the subways in NYC smell like piss, having access to public transportation is something I am quite thankful for.

In any event, I rode the subway downtown and as convenience would have it, I get off at Rector; walked up the stairs and there was the Pussycat Lounge.

The Lucky Stiff show is a combination of sideshow and burlesque acts that is held in the second story of a strip club, and it is fantastic.  Of course I may just be impartial in my opinion, because one of my employers and one of my favorite performers happen to have invented and star in the show.  Had come out to see it last week but missed half, tho I did get to see Katzen do a  bit of Human Pincushion along with a really cute act in which she transformed from a mouse into her vicious predator self.

On this particular evening, the cast included Miss Dirty Martini, Creamy Stevens, Katzen reading erotic poetry, naked lady in balloon and of course Tyler and Keith.

Have only seen Tyler do the straitjacket escape twice in the past, but this performance was certainly very memorable.  Had a chance to chat with Katzen for a bit, and she gave me her business card.  For some unknown reason, she also gave me a little friendly good-bye kiss on the cheek.  Those whiskers tickle.

During the subway ride back, there was a guy trying to sell those deaf cards.  He gets to me and stops for a moment to check me over.  A smile creeps onto his lips and he signed that he dug my look.  Yea, that made me feel a bit better.  Any time I receive a compliment, it gives me a good feeling.

When I got back to Newark, I had to clean the snow off my car.  It was a rather slow drive back to the house as well, because neither the highway nor the streets had been plowed yet.    Then again, it was kind of nice to see these white flakes sparkling in the lights as I cautiously navigated my way across frozen asphalt.

The snow was still coming down the last time I glanced outside, but the sun seems to be shining a bit so that’s good.  Have to finish getting ready so that I can go clean off my car again and slide my way into Newark.  Spending my day at the Palace because there is no way I am going stay here and shovel snow.  Sorry, I have a job to do.


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