Rioting Zoot Suits

[Originally written on this day in 2004.]

Friday was a good day at the museum.

On my walk from the PATH station, some random anonymous dude attempted to insult me.  He sarcastically commented that I had “nice lipstick” [which was ice blue lined with a brighter blue] and “nice eyebrows”, but couldn’t resist shouting at my back “My dog’s ass looks better than your face.”

Well, maybe you shouldn’t spend so much time staring at your dog’s ass.  Also, grow some balls and try saying those words to my face so I can laugh and let you know how flattering it was that you had to take a moment out of your day to hurl your petty insult at my back.

There was a fun mysterious plastic smell in the building that no one could figure out the source of.  Stayed after my shift at the museum to watch both performances.  It’s kind of nice to be able to walk back into the small theater and sit down for a moment after spending several hours on my feet.  Had a delicious dinner from Cafe O across the street.

Finished an entire week of work and still had to wake up early on Saturday to get laundry done, then did some vacuuming because I had the urge to keep busy.

Rolled into E-town some time after two.  First order of business was to smoke self into oblivion and just relax. Spent most of my time writing and putting good food in my stomach.

A few moments passed where thoughts collected and I realized that I had not heard from Jon since we went out for my birthday.  Everything had seemed so magical, and then I made the dedication to this volunteer work, which consumes five days of my week and leaves me with enough spare time to tackle other various projects.  Definitely sent him an e-mail gushing with thanks for his wonderful companionship on my birthday and have had no response thus far.  There are so many things that I want to share with him, but for the moment I have to be content and make nice with the Asshole.

Spending hours at the museum certainly occupies me away from the house and the Asshole.  When I am around, I check e-mail and do a few other things on-line before hitting bed and getting ready for the next day.

In fact, I even had to go in yesterday.  My week would have began by working two shows last nite; one at the door and one at the bar.  However, apparently I have a timing issue and left way too late, so I missed out on the first show.  It is my own fault, so I really can’t be that mad and just need to give myself a wider window to travel.  At least I still worked the bar and made some tips.

My schedule for this week is working the musuem today, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Today I am working two shows; one at the door and one at the bar, so I will be making some money.  Plus one of the other volunteers wants me to re-do his beard extensions.  They were installed Friday, but someone decided to be a jerk and tugged on them too hard, which pulled them out.  When Steph saw what I was doing, she remarked: “You have all sorts of secret talents, huh?

Had another odd dream last nite, that I went back to the bar tending school to get my certificate.  Yea, I definitely have to give them a call tomorrow and get that situation squared away once and for all.  For some reason I forgot I passed my test and was supposed to get it in the mail, but they never sent it to me.  Might as well at least try and make some use of it since I am getting good practice at the Palace.

Been listening to Brian Setzer and  the Stray Cats a bit too much lately, because now the songs are constantly stuck in my head.

Have to finish putting on my face and get on the road, as I need to pick up a pack of black synthetic hair for those extensions, and I have already taken up time by writing this entry.


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  1. Enjoyed every bit of your blog post.Thanks Again. Cool.

  2. Absolutely well-written articles, and appreciate the selective information.

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