Secret Agent Man

[Originally written on this date in 2004.]

It’s Friday and that means I get an entire day to myself tomorrow.  Sunday the Lucky Devil Circus Sideshow will be performing at the Palace, and it just so happens that I was asked to work the door, which means I get to see the show for free.  Have I mentioned yet how much I love my job?

Feel much better than I did yesterday.  Having that nasty I-feel-like-I-am-going-to-vomit-but-can’t sensation was not very fun.  Nor was the soreness in my leg and wrist from falling the other nite.  Definitely making a point of not going out to drink because it just has no entertainment value right now.

Instead, I am looking forward to getting ossified and writing.  That is all I want to do after a long week of work.  Have to call the Asshole and see if he will let me come over after I get off, since I obviously don’t want to come back to the house.  Between all the time I spent with Jon and now the job, I don’t see him much or seem desperate to talk to him.  Which honestly is great, but it is making him suspicious even tho I keep explaining that I take everything I do seriously.  He shouldn’t be surprised, but I guess he gets his head so far up his ass over doing music that he forgets I have my own passion that I am pursing.  Oh well, at least I am enjoying myself every day and I feel that is quite important.

Then again it would be nice to drive straight to E-town from Newark and smoke myself stupid.  The just sit and write until my hand cramps up.

Should attempt to eat something before I leave, now that I feel confident it won’t come back up.


Right now I have this big stupid grin on my face.  Just got off the phone with Jon and have to admit that I am relieved to finally hear from him.  He was down in New Orleans trying to find one of the members of Outlaw Cirkus who had been rumored to be squatting in the area.  Unfortunately his search turned up nothing, and he apologized for not being in contact.  He should know by know that I am always going to worry about him, because I love him but I trust that he will remain the loyal friend that he has been.

In any even, Jon is actually going to drive into NYC and pick me up after work today.  Then we are going for dinner at La Casa Bella, an adorable restaurant we have eaten at in the past that is in Brooklyn.  It’s a good thing that I happened to put on a nice face, otherwise I might be feeling a bit more self-conscious.   Three weeks is a long time not to see someone and I certainly have no qualms about admitting that I want to look my best.

It is kind of exciting that I get to spend my day surrounded by things that constantly inspire me, then I get to spend the evening having conversation with my boy over dinner.  Certainly seems romantic, but I don’t want to be caught up in silly notions because I might become disappointed if things don’t follow the fantasy that I build in my head.  Getting too old for those sort of things, and really, I am just grateful that I can spend some quality time with Jon far away from everything I know.

Must go get dressed now so I can drive to the PATH station and commute to work.


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