Congenial Coiffures

The brilliant hues that have been spotted in fashion over the past couple of months, being applied not only to the latest clothing trends but also to the face and hair, may not be anything new to those who have long been adjusted to an alternative lifestyle.  After all, my hair was red in my junior year of high school despite my grandmother thinking it made me “look like a street walker”, and it is still a color that I readily wear because it brings out the green in my eyes and plays well with my skin tone.  However, not everyone has this experience and so they might be testing the proverbial waters of doing something different for the first time this season.  Quite frankly I feel that if more people have dyed hair that enters the realm of unnatural [that is, colors that do not occur on anyone], the less others will claim it is a phase or fad.  This may be true for those who enjoying playing into the latest craze, but we all should have the ability to express ourselves in whatever way we choose without being judged.

Since makeup companies are promoting neutral colors and natural, sun-kissed faces, let your personality speak through your hair.  Whether you prefer the sleek runway styles such as simple ponytails and slicked back sides, loose barely-there curls and defined bobs or a center part with retro styling, there is no shortage of inspiration to draw from.  Of course one will have to try out a few different things before finding what is most flattering, though when that happens you will feel as amazing as those glossy editorial photographs look.  This guide highlights a few of the more popular features of Spring’s hottest hair.

The biggest color trend at the moment is ombre, which essentially is a dark shade that fades into a lighter one.  Execution is critical and it is preferred if the light part begins around chin length to avoid looking as though one desperately needs to dye their roots – the tips can also be dyed in bright hues for added drama.

When one has been blonde so many times that the natural color of the hair is unknown, there is not much else to explore in the land of those who have more fun.  That is where toners and shampoos come in handy, as they can instantly transform the classic blonde into a white or silver haired bombshell.  Avoid going too grey and being mistaken for a little old lady who needs to be helped across the street.

Adding depth and definition to the hair can be achieved with mutli-tone color, such as streaks of red and purple for those with darker tresses, which also highlight shorter cuts and angled precision styling.  Larger chunks are definitely more daring but they bring out layers, especially those that are more extreme, to create layers of color that will make people wonder if you are wearing a wig.

Waves and volume are two of the easiest ways to get medium and long length hair to break the boundaries of boring and enter the spectacular spotlight.  These are also styles which work with any hair color, especially those with mutli-toned highlights or stratigically placed stripes.  

Traditionally, curls are often associated with fresh faced girls like Shirley Temple, but it is a texture often embraced by women who desire movement and texture.  The modern interpretation of classic curls is to pair them with short sides and back – otherwise known as an undercut – that enhances facial features.

One of the easiest ways to get hair away from the face when the temperature starts to rise is with braids or twists, as the style is a universal one that can be applied to a wide variety of hair types.  Whether you prefer the precision of clean sections or the haphazard texture of carefree tresses loosely wrangled into shape, these simple techniques do not require much skill, and the finished result can always be personalized with the right accessories.

There is no right or wrong way to dress up your hair, though I always exercise moderation and take a number of things into consideration before adorning my locks.  Keeping on theme with simplicity, pearl hair grips are both fashionable and functional, particular when attempting a few of the styles mentioned above.  Do not be fooled by the cute packaging, pastel ribbons can add interest to sophisticated ponytails, or tied in a bow to accent punky pixie cuts.  When it comes to exhibiting opulence, an elegant feather trimmed cocktail had from Arturo Rios will make even the simplest evening on the town into a grand extravaganza.  For those moments where there is no time to spend primping, a colorful scarf can be used in a variety of ways and coordinated to just about any outfit.

The most important thing to keep in mind when seeking to try something new, is that hair will grow back and so if a particular cut or color does not yield the desirable result, one must call upon the forces of patience.  While some styles may seem drastic, there is certainly no shortage of ideas and inspirations when it comes to hair styling, especially if you are open to the idea that it is just another artistic medium.  Also treat your tresses right to ensure that they will hold color longer and develop strength so you can experiment with styles, no matter what you choose to wear for this Spring.


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