Swing 32

[Originally written on this date in 2004]

Making the most of these glorious Spring days has been putting me in a better mood.  All I need now is a trip out to Coney Island and a few rides on the Cyclone, then I might just find that smile again.

Decided to get my nostrils pierced, so met up with my sister and took care of a few errands first.  Forgot to bring the nostril screws with me, so we had to come back and get them.  My mind seems to be a bit mushy as of late, as I forget things so easily and I have not been sleeping well either.  At nite I lay in bed and wait, then wake up several times throughout the course of the evening so that by the time morning comes, I am feeling more exhausted  than refreshed.

We stopped at her apartment to drop off the food she had purchased, and so I could see her hedgehog.  He hissed and it was adorable.  Then we made our way to Starlight, passing by a fire that was raging somewhere by the ramp from 21 to 78 in Newark.  Still have no idea what actually caused it [I assume it was perhaps a carelessly thrown cigarette], as the news really had no information to offer.  Other than the fact that there was another fire over in East Rutherford.  Sat in a bit of traffic, accidentally went the wrong way, but eventually found the shop. Now I remember how to get there, so I will have to make a mental note of it for future references.

Kind of surprised that Dom was happy to see me.  We chatted for a bit and then got right down to business.  Thankfully he was fine using the jewelry I purchased, as I had forgotten that artists prefer using a specific kind for a reason.  He spent quite a bit of time marking the area, and with something like this where they have to look as symmetrical as possible, I really appreciated that he just didn’t throw on a couple of dots and put the needle through.  There was barely any pain during the actual procedure, and now I just have to get used to having the screws in my nose, because it feels like I have a boogie up there or something.  Also have to remind myself not to touch my nose for a while, and that those little silver things belong there.

The best part was that he only charged me $30 for two.  When my sister had called the shop to inquire about the price [so I knew how much to bring], they said it would be $35 for one.  Discounts are always appreciated, and I had no problem giving him a tip in thanks for the wonderful service.  Decided that I will never go anywhere else to get pierced.  From now on, if I am going to trust anyone to poke holes in my body it will be Dom.  The whole experience was the best I ever had and that is the feeling I want every time.

Oh, and I suppose I convinced my sister to get hers done too because I am such a good influence.

Going to have myself a nice picnic – it looks really nice outside and I have nothing else to do.  The drive out to Liberty State Park the other day sort of renewed my desire to travel to unspecified destinations, so that might be a good idea in choosing the location of said picnic.

Will be doing that flea market thing with Jon pretty soon, though we have not talked about in a week or so.  There are so many things I have to sell and could use the money since the items are not doing me much good.  Guess I will send him an e-mail to see what is going on with that, pack up some food and embrace this sunny day.

[Later that evening]

Stopped at E-town for a quick visit with the Asshole for some reason.  Bought myself lunch for less than a fiver at the deli next door and grooved for a few minutes.  Then it was back on the road, where the bad drivers were out in abundance.  Nearly hit someone who ran the red light onto 1&9.  If I had not been at a full stop for the light, I just might have.  In fact, the only thing that kept my foot on the brake was that I didn’t want anything to happen to my car, as it has to go to inspection this month.

Of course I forgot where I was headed and wound up driving aimlessly for an hour, though I did get to see where that fire I mentioned earlier was.  Eventually I ended up at Liberty State Park again, and sat listening to the Jersey Guys as I ate my lunch and stared out at the water for a while.  Thought it was kind of funny that they were talking about the circus coming to Jersey, and how it is an American thing to do.  What’s more fun than the circus anyway?

After a few hours I decided to leave, but I did not feel like coming back here right away, so I took a drive down to Keansburg.  In all honesty, I can’t even remember the last time I was there.  My mom used to take my sister and I all the time.  We would find dead horseshoe crabs and put them next to her blanket while she was sleeping, then wait for her to wake up and laughed when she screamed.  Good times.  It has to be at least six years, maybe even more since we carefully navigated the rocky, broken-glass-littered beach.  We would spend money in the arcades or on those wheel games.  Just seeing all the rides again brought back so many memories.

Even though it was dark out, I wanted to see the beach, because I am hopelessly drawn to water.  While walking towards it, some kid asks for a smoke – I fetched them out of my car and chilled with him and his friends.  They wanted to know why I had come all the way down there, and honestly, it was to get away from the insanity I feel surrounds me here.  The beach has always been that once place I can go to so that I can escape from the real world and float along in happiness while soaking in the sun and salty air.

They also thought it was funny that I didn’t have any friends even though I must have absently mentioned Jon several times.  Apparently being alone at that moment meant that he is invisible, which I am sure he will find hilarious.  Smoked a blunt, drank some beer and piled them into my car to drive them to some park where they met up with their other friends.  Only one of them thanked me and said I should come chill again, which is not likely going to happen since it was just a random thing.

They were all younger than me, and I generally have a problem with that, but I honestly can’t take the teenage mentality.  No, I don’t want hear about how you would like to fuck this person or that one.  Believe me, my mind is constantly in the gutter and full of perverted thoughts, but I highly doubt anyone wants to hear that.

Toss in the three accidents I saw along with the large quantity of construction taking place and I had a pretty full day.  Have to clean my piercings and attempt sleep now.


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