Rainy Day Activity

[Originally written on this date in 2004]

Had the worst insomnia last nite, and was up until almost five in the morning desperately wishing for just a few moments of blissful sleep.  Then I got out of bed at ten because I had to meet up with Dad for lunch.  He gave me the information I need to file my taxes even though I have no real income and most likely will not even have to pay anything.  Also received some funds so that I can pay my final insurance installment and renew my registration.

Stopped at Wal*Mart to purchase some lovely Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner because I like what it does to my hair and it smells quite good.  Currently I use the same brand hairspray and gel.  Those micro-fruit waxes really do help my hair.  Wanted to buy products for dyed hair but they seemed to be sold out, so I just got the shampoo + conditioner in one.  Also picked up two jars of the gum or whatever it’s called, which actually has label instructions on how to make a faux ‘hawk.  They also have a line of hair dye that I have used on others which works nicely and smells so much better than any dye I have used in the past.  Of course that is more of a marketing thing, but I still plan on using it in a couple of weeks when I have to dye my roots again, though I want to wait for the shaved parts to grow in a little more.

What else can one do on a rainy day?

Well, I took a trip down the Shore via 35 south.  Usually I take 9 south, cut through Asbury and then pick up 35, so I decided to do something different.  South Jersey – home of WaWa, diners, go-go joints, gentleman’s clubs, adult novelty stores, strip malls, liquor stores, the Pine Barrens and the Jersey Devil.  Yee-haw!

Not sure when kids get their break from school, but I was surprized that there was no massive exodus of lemmings to the Shore.  Perhaps they are just waiting for the weekend.  When I arrived at Seaside it was slightly rainy, but I still walked the boards for an hour and a half.  Thought it was kind of funny that I have to drive all the way down there just to be able to take a walk without getting harassed.  Then again, there is nothing that puts me at ease more than the sound and smell of the ocean.  Just like those turtles that must migrate to the Galapagos Islands, this Sea Goat is constantly lured into the calmness of beaches.

It felt good to be down there, away from the craziness that constantly surrounds me.  The solitude is something I really enjoy because I do not have to be bombarded by noise from vehicles and people.  My stress level is pretty much nonexistent and as I shove lungfuls of salty air into my body, and it is as though I can feel the toxic bullshit which clings steadily to me slip away.  Perhaps I am being overly metaphorical, but there is just something about the beauty of a beach and endless ocean which always puts me at ease.  Seeing it so quiet on a day that was not exactly made for beach-going makes me appreciate it that much more.

Apparently during my drive I had sent a text to Jon in the vain hope that he would want to join me.  It must have been a subconscious action, because I was quite startled when my phone rang.  It was immediately followed by confusion when I pushed the ‘TALK’ button and a familiar voice happily greeted me.  He suggests that I turn around, and of course I nearly dropped my phone when I see him standing there with a silly grin plastered across his face.  How he managed to find me on the boardwalk is just one of the mysterious that makes for a great story but still defies explanation.

We sat on the beach and he materialized a joint.  Church bells chimed the hour to our left as the waves crashed on the sandy shore to our right.  The moment was serene and embodied all of the reasons I love being a beach bum.  Often I entertain the fantasy of just escaping from life for good and living day-to-day wandering the shoreline of the Garden State.  It sounds lovely in theory, but I have too many plans that require me to be social and network.  Still, the hours were lost as we navigated the maze beneath the boardwalk, laughing about nothing in particular.

It was an excellent way to forget that it had been raining, and I may or may not have spent the nite at the Shore, where I may or may not currently be reporting from.


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