Seaside By Sunset

[Originally written on this date in 2004]

Is it possible that I have completely spoiled myself?

There are not many things I love more than going to the Shore on a warm afternoon.  While I thought that there would be a mass of lemmings as far as the eye could see attempting to make the same voyage, such was not the case.  Instead there was a mostly empty Parkway that I cruised down, the smile on my face growing when I exited.  Blazed a joint and headed over the bridge, surf tunes set to maximum volume.

It was fairly windy, but I had been prepared with layers of leather, Lucky 13 shirt and that DIY George Is Dead  baby-T I made, which does not get enough wear.  Should have brought a hoodie as well, but I had not expected so much wind.  Met up with Jon and followed him to a remote beach that was not open to the public.  The excitement swelled when he hugged me so much that I do believe my feet lifted off the ground for a moment.  Sat in his Chevy to smoke a joint before preparing ourselves for the beach.

Skirts and wind do not mix but I had tights on so was not worried if it got blown around.  As coincidence would have it, I found a hoodie lying in the sand and attempted to tie it around my waist for more protection.  However, being a few sizes too small, it did not offer much aid.   The sand was kicking up, getting in our faces and effectively sand-blasting our bodies. Diligent nonetheless, we sat down and listened to the waves roll in.  Since I tend to travel with a notebook and pen, I took the opportunity of being inspired to do some writing while Jon mused about random things.  About three hours later, the torrent of sand and wind became too much, so we retreated to the Chevy.

Jon drove around a little before finding this quaint gravel lot used for launching boats and parked there.  With a good view of the water and front-row seat for impending sunset, Jon turned some rockabilly mix tape he had made and lit a blunt.  The ideas that had formed in my head were easily spilled onto empty pages, filling them with amazing scenes.  Every now and then, I would glance over my left shoulder to see the progression of the live show.  Orange blazed brightly at the darkening horizon, where the sun was a sinking ball of fire.  Yellow extended into the blue sky, where the colors meshed into green; more blues and some purple followed.  The water sparkled and reflected the orange sun and danced with that strange neon-blueness.  As the sun was swallowed into the black horizon, the colors slowly followed until only the bluish-purple dusk was visable.

Then I returned to my vehicle and we repeated yesterday’s post-sunset visit to a diner.  Between the red vinyl seats and neon-lit jukebox along with good food and equally wonderful conversation, I felt like I was in the carefully scripted scene of a movie.  Parting with Jon was extremely difficult, especially since doing so caused a bit of sadness to drift across his eyes.  However, I assured him that it did not take much to lure me down to the Shore, and we said good-bye in the parking lot with a sweet little kiss.

During the ride back on the Parkway, I noticed that stars and airplanes were prominant lights against the otherwise seamless background of the nite sky.

This is why I enjoy Spring so much.


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