Kung-Fu Shoes: Regal Red

A light-hearted addition to Carny Style that focuses on fashionable footwear, which will become a regular feature on Tuesdays to fill in the gap until Fashion Friday when the newest Aesthetic Autopsy, Guise Galleria or Style Spotlight article is published.  These four categories along with an assortment of makeup, hair and beauty articles that relate to the current season will appear on a regular schedule for everyone to enjoy.

My biggest guilty pleasure when it comes to shoes is lusting after this fierce flush.  Neutrals like black might coordinate with more outfits, but I find red to be attention grabbing in all the right ways.  As someone who plans on having a large amount of blackwork tattooing on the legs and feet, I feel that red shoes would also highlight this art.

When Pleaser‘s well-known Teeze design is covered in shimmering rhinestones, it guarantees that all eyes will be yours when you take the stage.

Fascinate lives up to its name and offers a visually interesting red chrome platform, while red suede receives the bedazzled burlesque beauty treatment.

Siren‘s simplicity of being a criss-cross slide does not make the red rhinestone detailing any less important.

If rhinestones are a bit too flashy, Teeze also comes in this brilliant metallic red, which conjures up the image of a sideshow superhero for some reason.

Finally, if satin bows boarder on being too ‘girly’, this three buckle red patent leather form of the infamous Teeze shoes will make anyone feel like an instant pinup.

Red and black is a color combination that I have been wearing since high school, and while it can commonly be found adorning pretty much everything in a number of subcultures, I feel there is an art to mixing the two without it coming across as excessively cartoon-y.  The red pearlized glitter patent leather of Pleasure reminds me of vinyl booths at retro diners, while the sleek black heel and thin accents are a perfect example of balance between the two colors.

Seduce is a classic pump in a bold red with black accents and also comes in a black-with-red version, either of which would likely be a statement piece for any outfit.

Another Pleasure design features red satin that is carefully punctuated with black ruffles, stitching and bows.  Peep-toe shoes used to bug me, but I suppose that some Cuban-heeled stockings are a nice way of hiding digits one does not want to flaunt.

Pinstriped red satin, black satin with lace accents, black bows and stealthy black heel and platform make Delight well worth its name.

The alternate Delight design features the same heel and platform, but offers much more red satin that is trimmed with red and black ruffles – black and white polka dot interior is always a bonus.

The third Delight option falls into the category of ‘more-black-than-red’, and while it shows off more skin than the others, one cannot deny how stunningly bold the red heel and platform are.

Secret may not be as extreme of a platform as the above designs, but the precision of the black pin-striping and polka dot lining make it an excellent pinup shoe.

Entering the darker red territory, Tempt reminds me of spectator style men’s shoes, and I really dig the trio of straps, especially since the ends are pointed.

Getting back to monochromatic color schemes, Cutiepie has subtle design details that make it anything but an ordinary shoe, which includes a red and white polka dot lining.

The classic Maryjane style gets a modern makeover with clunky heel and platform, though the red patent leather makes it anything but ordinary.

There are plenty more fantastic Pleaser shoes that suit any variety of tastes in exotic styles, but I would like to move on to a more entertaining category.  We all lust after things that seem possible to possess, whether they are ridiculously expensive and the money could be better spent on responsible things like rent and food, or they are ostentatious and would only be worn for certain occasions.  It is perfectly alright to have fantasies, and if the financial gods are willing, from time to time we can indulge in them.

Jeffery Campbell‘s Lita is synonymous with mainstream fashion, and dare I say often related to ‘hipster’, but I am sucker for spikes and boot style platforms with chunky heels.  These would be fantastic with a red hot petticoat and corset or a vintage 1950’s dress.

If I had 99 Tie Glitter shoes, Dorthy could stay home all she likes while I rock out on the town in these stunning wedges.

Night Walk is something an action hero would wear, and while the color is defined as ‘Wine’ rather than red, I would love to wear them while swallowing a sword.

The corset lacing on the outstep is just the beginning of the list of things that makes me feel the Outlaw is a shoe I must have in my collection, and certainly would be appropriate for dinner at a restaurant with a saloon-type atmosphere.

Not ashamed to admit that the buckles are totally what makes the Zip Z appealing over what would be just another wedge platform shoe, but I reckon that someone with enough crafting skills could easily replicate this for a more affordable price.

Ego and Greed has similar designs to JC, but the one that instantly stood out for me is She Cray, which is an amazing platform sandal with straps and studs.  All that empty space is just begging for a custom paint job.

Thus ends the very first edition of Kung-Fu Shoes!  Next week we take a look at leopard print!


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