Kung-Fu Shoes: Leaping Leopard

Being a Jersey Girl, one is subjected to certain stereotypes thanks in part to the numerous reality television shows that actually depict a very small demographic of females from the Garden State.  While there are moments where I am unapolgetically loud, obnoxious and opinionated, I do not feel these traits ultimately define my personality nor should they be used as an example of my overall  character.  Though I have no interest in tanning, acrylic nails or tight clothing, I am not ashamed to admit that I love leopard print.  It is synonymous with a wide variety of alternative styles and often conjures up images of icon Betty Paige.

Wearing leopard print is not for everyone, nor do I feel that every item of clothing it appears on is a particularly flattering one, but I have my opinion and others are welcome to disagree with it.  In sideshow, leopard print is commonly associated with the costume of a strongman, though there were also people that had a skin condition known as vitiligo, who were referred to as being ‘leopard-skinned’.  The pattern is quite prominent in tattooing and can bee seen covering anything from arms and legs to heads and faces.  This guide obviously is going to focus on footwear, and one might be surprised at just how versitile leopard print shoes are.

Though I promise this won’t be another Pleaser dominated post, I cannot help but note a few of their styles – Genie comes in two colors, one of which is this lovely pink, and features a metal tipped stiletto heel on a wooden platform.

Satin peep toe leopard print pump with lace trim and ribbon bow is one of the signatures of Delight, and staring at the coordinating liner too long makes the shoe look like an optical illusion.

The contrast of the black lining in this Delight design along with the tanner print, closed toe and ankle strap brings a bit more demureness to the shoe.

My fondness for this version of Delight is based on the feminine features of the frills combined with a heel that can also be used as a lethal weapon makes these appropriate for those times one might want to summon their inner bad girl.

Definitely on the Must Have List, in addition to the green glitter seen above, Bettie also comes in gold and pink.  The small heel, concealed platform, open toe and darling bow make these great for dancing and go well with zombie or monster inspired ensembles.

Sexy is definitely a word that comes to mind when looking at these lucious purple pearlized pointy toe pumps.  Also available in blue, gold, red, silver and tan.

Five inches of blue sparkle vinyl and three buckle straps are things that make these Maryjane wedges worth a mention, even if they are supposed to be ‘cheetah print’.

Iron Fist has its own collection of festive feline footwear, such as the Pink Friday platform wedge – obviously this nearly neon hue is not for the timid.

Though a slightly darker tone of pink, Love Bites is just a fierce and even has a darling polka dot interior with matching bow.

Betsey Johnson’s Morticia may not be what springs to mind when one thinks of the Addams’  Family’s matriarch, but with silver-filled spots and darling bow adorned skulls studding the toe, these pumps are definitely kooky.

Selecting a more neutral tone does not mean one has to sacrifice style – the lining and the sole of Diskkol are bright neon pink.


One part pump and one part creeper, these acid bright green and purple shoes by T.U.K. are dying to do the Monster Mash.

No matter what shoes you choose to express your inner feline, remember that fashion should also be functional and that there is no shame in selecting flats over platforms, or sneakers over wedges.  One could also certainly get crafty and DIY a custom pair of kicks by using acrylic paint and a steady hand – there are plenty plenty of blank canvases at thrift stores and occasionally the trash.


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