Kung-Fu Shoes: Think Pink

Unconditional love, compassion, understanding, romance, hope and intuitive energy are all positive traits associated with the color pink.  While it has often been stereotyped as the epitome of all that is feminine and therefor ‘girly’, as though those are bad things, I would like to believe it can be worn by anyone who wishes to add a bit of warmth to their outfit.  Pink represents romance, fuels empathy, inspires and calms – combining it with black, grey, dark blue or green can create sophistication and strength.  Though the deeper hues can come across as assertive and confident, most see pink as non-threatening as it lacks anger and aggression.  Often it springs to mind when one thinks of the circus or carnival and associates memories with getting sticky-fingered with a bag of fluffy cotton candy.  The confection was invented by William Morrison and John C. Wharton in 1897, when the candy makers from Nashville created a device which heated sugar inside a bow filled with tiny holes.  As the bowl spun around, the caramelized sugar was forced through them and formed strands of fluffy candy that melted in the mouth.  Hopefully this selecting of salacious shoes will incite that same intensity when paired with the upcoming Summer trends.

At the softer end of the spectrum one finds baby pink, a gentle hue that invokes images of porcelain-faced dolls with golden curls and luxurious dresses.  Emulating this aesthetic without coming across as creepy is as simple as selecting a pair of Teeze patent leather Maryjane style pumps.

For a bit more shimmer there is always the metallic finish, though I would switch the coordinating ribbon with a black or silver one.

Really let your personality shine with pink glitter pumps, especially when rocking your favorite little black dress.

Speaking of glitter, Courtess is an elegant lace up calf boot with platforms, five inch heels and intriguing detailing at the top that would make these a stellar addition to a burlesque costume.

The textured platform and heel of Illusion along with the silver accents makes this shoe perfect for that balance of retro pinup meet futuristic heroine with an atomic age infusion.

Dame is a classy ankle boot with cutouts on the sides that have been filled with lace and would complete a Victorian style outfit.

Though Vanity has a healthy dose of white, the aesthetics of a spectator style Maryjane pump makes it an instant must have for any pinup’s collection.

The combination of black and pink brings an edge to fashion because it creates a contras that allows one to play upon dual sides of a personality, and is represented well with the hot pink and black stripes of Kitty, a patent leather pump with scalloped black accents and a black bow.

Hondola by Guess has warmer pink striped next to black and accented by a cork heel – the peep toe and open sides with buckled strap make it a great Summer shoe.

Though it is not striped in the traditional sense, Neina still offers bold color blocking and multi-strap design to keep feet cool when temperatures soar.

Creeping into the brighter end of the spectrum, hot pink can be an electrifying color and definitely needs to be paired with at least one neutral toned item so that eyes are not melted.  The simplicity of Bunny by Dolce Vita [or a similar style that is affordable priced] lends itself to customization by say adding some gold studs or spikes to the heel and a coat of black paint to the sole.

Satin roses really set off Lovely People‘s Lennon as more than just another platform pump.


Silver stud skulls create points of visual interested for Iron Fist‘s Sugar Hiccup, which is a slightly darker hot pink with red undertones.

Unfortunately there is a great amount of Ed Hardy merchandise for sale that I find to be fairly tacky, overpriced and a far cry of what the legendary tattoo artist is capable of when it comes to producing quality, though I am aware he is not very involved with actually creating the eyesores that will surely be gracing the backs of every douchebro that invades your favorite Summer time spot.  However, the Coralie Heel is a nice coral canvas printed with a floral design mounted atop cork wedges that feature pinstriped butterflies.

The graphic, eye-catching imagery of Iron Fist is in full effect on these Gold Digger pumps, and one can complete their collection with flats, flip flops, bikini, handbag and wallet.

Wearing pink has become a statement of pride for men, women and those who do not want to be simply categorized by societies gender norms.  The color should be embraced by all whether it is a symbol of femininity with a hard edge, the comfort of men who are not defined by the color of their clothing or simply unites those who have been touched by Breast Cancer.  No matter what reason one chooses to don this blushing hue, pink remains a color of prominence that certainly gains attention and comes in such a wide range that there is tone which can suit everyone.


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