Ear Stretching

[Originally written on this date in 2004]

Even though I have a fair collection of tattoos and piercings, it seems I am constantly making lists of future body modifications that I would like to have.  This changes over time as I do research into what is or is not possible, plus access to certain procedures and availability of funds tends to effect things as well.  Currently there are 28 piercings I would like to obtain.  Eight of them can be done as soon as I can afford them, as they will complete my ear project.  The other 20 will have to wait longer, as they are all facial piercings.

The number of tattoos I want is definitely not one that I can put a limit.  The fact that I already have spent about two thousand dollars already, prepares me for spending a lot more on things I want in the future.  However, I can admit that having money is not a reason to get tattooed and while I do not regret the pieces I have, I do wish I would have put more thought into a few of them.  No one really sees them anyway so I am not terribly concerned about it at the moment.  The one thing I am certain of as far as future tattoo work is concerned, is that I would like to get the crosses on my forearms covered.  Should eventually start looking into artists who are good at that.

Vague plans include having my arms completely tattooed, and getting my legs entirely done up to the knee.  Exact details have not been worked out, but I really love the idea of being heavily tattooed.  Perhaps finding inspiration in figures of sideshow who received steady wages because of the ink on their skin is what motivates me to achieve a similar aesthetic. The head and face will most definitely be the last thing I do, because I need to be absolutely sure I can spend the rest of my life looking at whatever I choose before I actually get it done.  Would also like to have a more consistent source of income, because unfortunately being a tattooed commodity is not a sufficient way of making a living.

Getting back to my original point, my ears have been peacefully resting at 1/2″ for quite some time.  However, I decided that I wanted to take them larger with a goal size of one inch in mind.  Tapers are expensive and not a good way to stretch at larger sizes.  Did some research and it seems there is a method of stretching where you wrap tape around plugs until you reach the desired gague.  Now of course this has to be done slowly because there should be no pain, but it seems pretty simple and so I picked up a couple rolls of the PTFE tape two weekends ago.  All I had to do was wrap the tape around the plug until I was satisfied with the fit and popped them back in.

That was the Saturday before last, and I stretched again the following Tuesday, which was one week ago.  That Friday I tried the 5/8″ flared tunnels I have and they went in with no problem.  Noted here that I also massage my lobes with oil once a day which helps keep the skin soft and pliable.  While I am not sure what it is about having a hole in your ear that you can literally see through, but it puts a smile on my face.

Of course I know that I have to go slow, which means waiting a reasonable amount of time between stretching and not forcing it to happen.  What I am concerned about is the fact that I cannot afford to keep buying jewelry when I know I am not going to stay at a particular size long enough to justify spending the money.  Certainly I do not expect the ones I have in now to get me to those larger sizes either.  Might have to go with the cheaper alternative for temporary wear and save up money for one nice set of plugs.

Though I originally wanted to stop at one inch [it has been my goal since the first time I had my lobes at 1/2″], I changed my mind now that there are a lot of plugs which come in larger sizes.  Now stretching my lobes to 1/4″ or even 1 1/2″ is a possibility.  It depends on how I feel the size looks with my other modifications and overall appearance.

This wound up a lot longer than I expected.  Oh well, this can be a documentation of my progress, so this is for my own benefit anyway.


Feedback Appreciated

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