First Dermal Punching Experience

[Originally written on this date in 2004]

As someone who has spent a fair amount of time perusing the galleries on BME, I have been researching dermal punching for a couple of years.  It may have been the excessive amount of blood, or perhaps the chunk of cartilidge that comes out of the ear that turned me off the idea.  Also recall that I read an article about how the ear can be shattered if the punch goes wrong.

The truth is that dermal punching is actually better for when you wish to have large gague holes in places like the conch or septum.  When I had my first cartilige piercing experience I was about 12-years-old and had my mom take me to Claire’s.  This was before I really knew about proper body piercing, and the pain was pretty bad.  A couple of years later, I had the left one done at Spencer’s [again, before I knew that needles were good and guns were evil], and it still hurt a lot.  Eventually I had proper 12g jewelry inserted and then decided to stretch them.   For this I used tapers up to 4g, and while I did try tapering to a 2g, my ears let me know they were happy where they were.  The strange thing was, a lot of people weren’t stretching their cartilige at that time, and I distinctly remember people would constantly stop me to ask if had hurt, and how I had done it.

Now there is dermal punching, which is said to be safer than stretching or using a large gague needle, and the piercing heals faster.  Well, my sister was considering getting new ear piercings, so I talked her into going to Starlight.  Met up with Dom outside, who inquired as to how our nostrils were doing.  The photo he took of mine wound up in his portfolio, which I thought was pretty cool.  She explained what she wanted, and we headed downstairs.

Dom convinced my sister that dermal punching was the better way to go.  Of course I was quite interested in the whole process, as it is difficult to tell what is going on when looking at pictures on-line.  There was blood and nice popping noises when he did the punches, and I can only imagine how much it hurt, but I have to say that she was a real trooper, and I am really proud of the way she handled herself.

We had a nice conversation about ear stretching, and he said that I have ideal lobes for that.  According to him I could go to three inches if I wanted to.  At the moment I have no intention of going that big, but is nice to have a second [and professional] opinion about stretching.

Definitely learned a lot, and now I am not as afraid of dermal punching as I once was.  While I had planned to have my conches pierced at a large gague, now I realize that punching will probly be the better way to go.  All I have to do is convince myself the procedure looks worse than it really is, and that no matter how much it might hurt, I will have some really amazing holes for the rest of my life.  Easier said than done.


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