Kung-Fu Shoes: Scavenge Orange

There are quite a few colors that do not usually spring to mind when selecting items to add to a wardrobe, and while it can look great as an accent, orange comes across as a strong hue which will certainly grab attention in any situation.  The tasty citrus tone does not necessarily need to be neon, as there are plenty of softer shades that can really make an outfit pop.  When wearing orange, it is best to pair it with blue items – particularly those  that fall within the royal rich range – such as dark denim or statement jewelry that offsets a darling dress.  Applying this pleasing pigment to footwear is certainly not easy, though the whole point of this guide is that I have scoured the offerings of various websites in order to present a palatable collection of orange shoes suitable for every style.

Platforms, peep toes and suede – these shoes might be a bit confused as to whether they want to be pumped up dress shoes or an alternative take on  sandals.  Either way, the Fish Mouth has a cross strap design make them casual, yet one might want to come up with a plan when seeking to incorporate them into an outfit so as to avoid looking too cartoonish.

While relaxing by the pool, ocean or even some random makeshift invention that will provide temporary aquatic refreshment from Summer’s brutal heat, a fruit flavored alcohol-based beverage served in a novelty tiki mug and decorated with a tiny paper umbrella would do wonders for escaping the urban jungle and conjure up a fantasy of being on a deserted island.  When that fails, treat your feet to Iron Fist’s Zombietini platform heels, because shriveled zombie faces, fragile flowers and humble humming birds are a party waiting to happen.

A shoe post is not complete without singing the praises of Pleaser, and their aptly named Seduce is a knee-high, five-inch heel that would work well with a Halloween costume, particularly those of the superhero variety.  Other applications include wearing with a neutral colored sundress, especially floral prints and babydolls, or setting off that perfect little black dress.

Pink and orange stripes might seem like it would be an incredibly eyesore, but somehow Poetic License manages to make it work with The Right Stripes.  The dainty buckle and strap combination along with the thick heel create a characteristic befitting of a vampy vaudeville number.

She is the girl who captures your eye at the local coffee shop because she has a presence about her from the moment she walks in and you hear the bell attached to that door jingle.  She has confidence but she is not conceited.  She haunts your memories and you see her face in your dreams, though doubt that you can work up the courage to speak to her without sounding like a jerk.  She is the Girl Around Town, and you so desperately want to know her name.

Jeffrey Campbell’s Perfect Spike is a great platform heel and will give you that instant badass pinup feeling when they are secured on your feet.  It might not be fair to the other girls in the room who are sulking at the bar because they have tiny heels that might snap should they even think about touching the dance floor.  Not only do you have ample support, but also a weapon against those who do not understand what personal space is, so get out there and twist your little tootsies off.

When attending some late night phantasmagorical fun, these orange suede heels topped with a complimentary colored bow are befitting of a whimsical Dr. Suessian vision.  As soon as you arrive perched atop a pair of Jeffrey Campell Garret‘s, all eyes will be on your feet.

Great style takes time, and when preparing for an evening on the town, there are some who view getting dressed up as a ritual and rightly so.  There is a vast difference between wearing clothes and having them wear you, and one obviously wants to avoid the latter.  No one will notice if you are  Tardy to the party, but they will be wondering where you got those amazing orange and black shoes.

Remember those awesome jelly shoes you had as a child?  Being born and raised in a state that is surrounded on three sides by water, one tends to spend many hours on the beach and in the midst of salty waves, and for some reason gleaming plastic footwear seemed like a great idea.  Unfortunately, they also fell apart because they were not exactly made to last, but that is where Tod’s Jelly Thong Sandal comes in handy.  Their simple design is quite fitting for a fashionable adult and are minimalistic so they do not take over an outfit.

Combat boots never really go out of style because they are multifunctional and can be used in a wide variety of combinations.  They also come in colors that used to never exist, and Jill Sander‘s sleek snake print is definitely one of  the more unique patterns that I have seen.  Personally, I also feel they would be appropriate for a sideshow performance and far more interesting than what most people are currently wearing.

Chuck Taylor sneaks have become synonymous with Summer and continue to be a classic icon of carefree days spent doing whatever the mind can conceive.  It certainly has evolved since it was first created nearly one hundred years ago, yet there are certain aspects of the style that everyone is familiar with that makes it a legend reborn.

There are many things that directly inspire my personal style, and I greatly enjoy sharing the stories behind them because I feel they help people understand my lifestyle.  Not really sure where my love of cowboy boots comes from, other than they are aesthetically pleasing and have been seen dancing to many different types of music.  Liberty Boot Co. has a great collection of hand made boots, and Diablito is definitely a fine example of beautiful craftmanship.  Hand made, the soft orange is accented with electric blue stitching and the stacked heel is treated with a natural finish for that old country style.  They have officially been added to the Must Have List.

One does not have to feel intimidated by such a bold color, but rather just be conscious of the overall style that is desired to be presented.  Adorning yourself in orange does not have to make you feel like a giant walking traffic cone or like some bad 80s flashback.  Instead, it can be an adventure in exploring a festive and feisty side of yourself that you may have been unaware even existed.  Most of all, color is something that should be embraced, no matter what part of your body it is being displayed on, and the right amount of confidence always goes a long way.


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