Lucky Stiff All-Star Show

[Originally written on this date in 2004]

Before I get to the good part, I just wanted to mention that the ear stretching is coming along splendidly.  Measured them today, and they are offically at 3/4″ so of course I am quite pleased.  After letting my lobes rest for a while I will be moving on to the next size, which I believe is 7/8″ and brings me closer to one inch.  There is very little soreness and I keep them treated with oil,so I have not experienced any problems thus far.  However, I am bit concerned about the secondary holes, so I might go get them checked out before I continue any further.

Moving along – last nite I hopped the PATH into the City, which I have not done since I worked there.  For a moment I kind of got a little nostlagic and missed going in on a daily basis.  It was bit too warm for my tastes; while I enjoy going out in the evening and not having to wear a coat, it felt excessively hot.  Thankfully the walk to the Pussycat Lounge was not that far from the subway stop.  It was nice to see the old bosses again and I did not have to pay the admission fee which made me feel pretty special.

Moments after entering the bar area, I am being tackled by a hug and not even questioning it.  Jon was smiling from ear-to-ear and looked incredibly handsome.  It had been a while since we last saw each other, because random things always manage to keep us apart, but none of that mattered when he placed a kiss on my forehead and expressed how delighted he was to be in my company.  He ordered a  couple of cocktails and swept me into a corner to chat while waiting for the show to begin.

If one has never been out to see the Lucky Stiff show, then you really missed a piece of the great burlesque tradition which has existed in this country for many decades.  Sure, there is all this Hollywood-inspired crap that people suddenly got into due to certain performers popularizing it, but I feel as though burlesque never actually died out to the point where it needed a revival.  New York City is where the art was born and so being a part of that history, no matter how insignificant, carries a lot of meaning for me.  Besides, having an incredible gentleman at my disposal for an evening of variety entertainment helps me live out long-standing fantasies without feeling silly and I will revel in that as much as I like.

There was a fantastic line-up of incredible performers, including the newly crowned Miss Exotic World 2004, the ever lovely and talented Miss Dirty Martini.  With free porn, hot naked girls, pussy magic tricks and sideshow acts, what more can one ask for?  This time even the men stripped down to their underwear and I saw a little more of one certain performer than I needed to.  Jon got a pretty good eyeful as well, so he was on the receiving end of many jokes for the duration of the evening, and he was a pretty good sport about it.

So glad that I had the opportunity to experience such a rare and wonderful show, not to mention that I shared the moment with my best friend.

The heat remained as we wandered around the City – 85 after midnite is not exactly what either of us would consider to be a comfortable climate.  We stopped for a refreshing drink at some random bodega and then sat in a park to smoke a joint.  Jon remarked how lovely I looked and that he really appreciated having my company.  Several people walked by but did not really pay attention to us, even though he was giving a narration of their actions while in our sights.  His hand slipped into mine and remained there while we walked back to the PATH.  We rode the train together and somehow he managed to coerce me to get off at Hoboken.

That turned into adventure time and possibly borrowing someone’s  boat for a couple of hours.  Floating on that dark water, there was finally some relief from the heat of busy city streets, and I found comfort in the strange silence.

The fun always has to come to an end, so we returned the boat and found a park to settle in while watching the sun rise.  There was not much talking, but that never bothers me when I am fully enjoying Jon’s company.  By the time I got back on the PATH and returned to Newark, I felt as though a large part of my evening had been some wonderful dream.  A strange key chain in my pocket suggested I knew better and I savored a smile when I climbed into bed.


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