Kung-Fu Shoes: Mellow Yellow

Possibly the most difficult to wear of all the shoe colors because of the tendency to look like one is wearing bananas on the feet as opposed to fashionable footwear.  How does one even go about coordinating yellow with an outfit?  Believe it or not, certain hues of purple match quite well, throw in a couple of neutrals with a few statement jewelry pieces and call it fierce.  This golden color represents sunshine because it is a warm color, denotes happiness and joy, creates excitement and can suggest freshness.  Pair it with red for a hot mix, orange to generate a Summery theme or contrast it with an eye-popping blue.  Utilize a paler shade to compliment darker, richer tone or mix with grey and a dash of black for a high-tech look.  The point is to feel confident about yourself, and if you feel like expressing that can be done in a pair of bright yellow patent stiletto heels, go on and make the statement without a single question.

There is no pretending that the yellow and black stripes of this platform Mary Jane by Pleaser is not directly inspired by the Bumble Bee, but that just gives you an excuse to act like the Queen when you buzz around the dance floor.  Perhaps they might be most appropriate for Halloween, but they could also be a great addition to a halterneck dress as well.

These yellow and black platform wedges by Prada have an intriguing design that seems to be on trend for Summer shoes.  Wear them with a flowing sundress or a flattering skirt and peasant blouse.

When consuming drinks that taste like tropical fruit yet have a distinguished hint of alcohol, rock out to your favorite tunes in a pair of Iron Fist’s Polka Party Flats to maximize dancing ability.  Let’s face it, the more that weird guy in the corner stares at you, the more your drink tastes like rum and you are talking like a pirate, which is fitting for someone wearing shoes decorated in skulls and anchors.

There are quite a number of styles that are new in fashion, and Suebee by Jeffrey Campbell is certainly at the forefront of the ‘flatform’.  This shoe combines pieces of a maryjane with a flat platform which comes off as sophisticated and can be worn with shorts, denim or day dresses.

Whether one loves them or hates them, there is no denying the popularity of Jeffrey Cambell’s Lita – the design may seem clunky to some but I prefer a thick, sturdy heel over those that appear as though they might snap at any second.  This particular model towns down the yellow to a nice dusky mustard shade, then pairs it with a bright navy blue and light forest green that open up a lot of options when adding it to an outfit.

There are memories I have of going to Saint Mark’s Place in New York City with my best friend, because we liked to window shop and laugh at the people who were too far up themselves to return a friendly smile.  There were, however, some really awesome individuals at a few of the stores who made the visits worthwhile.  One of those frequented boutiques is the infamous Trash and Vaudeville, which has an entire room dedicated to shoes, and I can totally see these Demonia creepers sitting among their other fantastic footwear.

Trimming soft yellow stiletto pumps with bows and precision black work gives them a retro feel while still creating a vibe of elegance.  They are the type of shoe you could wear while antique shopping and suddenly you find yourself having dinner with a charming stranger.

Vivienne Westwood is an icon of alternative fashion most well known for helping create the punk aesthetic of the 70s and 80s, and these Melissa Dragon shoes are an intensely hued jelly sling back heel with peep toe.  The designer’s signature and brand can be found scripted on the interior, while a jet black heart detail really sets off the color and would look darling with a baby doll dress.

What’s black, white and yellow all over?  No, it’s not a canary in a prisoner uniform, but rather Kate Spade’s Karolina.  This luxe patent leather pump is sleek and sophisticated, so it can be worn at the office with tailored trousers, blouse and blazer, or to your friend’s cocktail party.  If the price is too far out of your range, break out the art skills and DIY a pair.

Yellow does not always have to completely dominate a shoe – it can also act as background to a coordinating pattern that might make you forget you are even wearing the color, as seen by these round toe yellow floral patent pumps.

Channel your inner retrofuturistic cyberpunk pinup with these gleaming Sasha Platform Wedge Boots.  The body is made from a creamy leatherette stacked on top of five and a half inches of platform wedges that have been studded with silver thumbtacks.  If there is still too much yellow for your taste, they would also make a great canvas for some custom hand painted artwork.

When the concept of clothing featuring real tattoo designs was first introduced, it seemed like a good idea to integrate the culture into mainstream fashion.  Unfortunately it got to a level of ridiculous that irritated those of us who have dedicated decent amounts of skin space to permanent art.  However, that does not mean it has to be forever ruined, and the Joyaus platform wedge is an indication not everything from this line is a clusterfuck of ugly.  The yellow canvas is decorated with pink flowers, red and silver rhinestones, Ed Hardy’s signature, and the image of a woman is printed on the heel.

Fashion does not always have to be serious, and as this guide demonstrates, it is totally cool to wear a color that might not be seen often.  Personal style is one that is created by ideas of what you find appealing without worrying if it is trendy or not.  Allowing such silly notions to dictate what you wear comes across as extremely fake and gives the impression of a forced appearance.  Labels are often thrown around for the sake of assisting the reader in finding what works best for them – in the end the choice is yours and no matter what you select to wear, do it with the confidence that you are fabulous.


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