Kung-Fu Shoes: Zany Zebra

One of the main benefits to wearing animal prints is that they are usually a relevant style and can easily transform an outfit from boring to daring.  Zebras may not be the most majestic of creatures but it certainly asserts an interesting aesthetic with inherited stripes that are angled on its body and accentuate its curves.  Translating such an intriguing pattern into fashion means there will be a vast spectrum of cheap hooker heels to powerful pumps that can only be described as jungle couture.  The difference comes not only from the quality of the shoe, but also the attitude of the person wearing them – a negative tone can easily overwhelm any carefully constructed outfit and will translate to a sense of insecurity if one depends on clothes to generate their characteristics.

As an artist, I may not always dress the way I would like to because there are other responsibilities that come before expanding my wardrobe, yet I still find ways to incorporate various inspirations into the way I present myself.  It is a bit ridiculous but necessary to recognize that I have to represent a specific quality that is indicative of who I am and do so in a manner which others can pick up on.  It is not something that can be taught and comes with all the many years of experience I have interacting with other performers, audience members and generally curious random people on the street.  What makes them want to strike up a conversation, no matter how brief the interaction, is secondary to the fact that they were inclined to do so in the first place.  Taking all of this into consideration and combining it with the theme of this week’s ode to awesome shoes, it is perfectly acceptable to take a risk in fashion for the sake of expressing parts of yourself that could benefit from the exposure.

Part of T.U.K.’s Notorious collection, these fierce heels have a sleek red and black zebra print, crossed ankle straps punched with grommets and an all black heel.  There are also grommet details on the upper heel and a star charm that hangs from the buckle of the ankle straps.

The subtle orange tone of these suede zebra print pumps are nicely accented with a black heel that even sneaks up the back, where wild meets elegant with a simplicity that makes these ideal for casual wear with a pair of dark blue jeans.

Citrus sparkle and a satin lining keep these zebra print stilettos from being too tacky, which is definitely something to avoid when putting together a stunning outfit.  Kitschy might be keen and all, yet there is certainly a limit to what is in good taste and this particular pair of pumps would be lovely with a tiki ensemble.

Accenting a bold print with a bright color, as seen here with Lower East Side’s Fiona Flat, is a simple way of bringing out your wild side without shouting it across rooftops.  Made from faux leather, the trendy round toed flat is trimmed with a soft neon green and matching bow, manufactured to be flexible and comfortable.

Zebra print does not have to be limited to pairing colors with black – the teal in these Sugarfree pumps are a nice tonal contrast that sets of the round toe and concealed platform of the leather look stiletto.

Colors that are deep yet rich are always favored for having that royal flair, and the Kora by Michael Antonio is an beautiful example of how blue zebra print can really set of the platform peep toe pump – the zipper detail on the upper part of the heel is a nice little bonus as well.

Fuzzy zebra print stilettos might seem a bit intimidating, particularly if they give one the feeling they are some sort of space pimp, but I can assure you that they are have practical applications in an outfit and can really set off a figure flattering black dress.

There are certainly limits to mixing animal prints, because being a clusterfuck train wreck that is a visual assault should be left to professional knuckleheads who can afford to look like walking fashion nightmares.  The rest of us can rock Iron Fist’s One Hand In The Grave wedges, the chunky black and grey zebra print accented with lime piping and lined with coordinating leopard print.

Stand out from the rest of the back with Iron Fist‘s graphically gorgeous Zebracorn stilettos.  The psychedelic colors of this zebra print peep toe pump carries a surprise in the lining in the form of illustrations that depict the rebellious and mythical creature for which these shoes have been named.

Gold is definitely a dominant color that can be seen just about everywhere in Summer fashion from face framing earrings to shimmering makeup, so why not incite a bit of Vertigo with these T.U.K. platform heels.  The twisting zebra stripes and ankle straps are a delightful design that will draw the eyes in before guiding them up to the rest of your outfit.

Demonia is well known for taking classic shapes and adding their signature touch to create shoes suitable to numerous alternative subcultures.  Here they have taken a Mary Jane wedge, wrapped it in glittering white and black zebra print, then embellished it with buckled bondage straps.

If you find the idea of going on a surfing Safari appealing, the white and black pleated velvet of these Pleaser pumps are certain to assert yourself as queen of the Summer, a title earned after successfully defeating the meager competition.

Fashion does not have to be boring or even restricting, because in the end clothes are just that and it does not matter who wants to wear what.  While society would like us to believe that people can be whittled down to categories depending on their body size, an individual is worth so much more than the numbers on the labels of clothes and shoes.   They do not define us any more than the garments themselves, and though they are certainly perceived as a reflection of one’s personality, it is that very thing which others are quick to judge.  Yet life is too short and there are plenty of other hobbies that can be much more fulfilling, so think about that the next time you might want to criticize someone’s choice of expression.  Fashion is supposed to be fun and embrace all, not be another platform for useless competition.  Leave that for ridiculous reality shows and tabloid gossip – you will be far too busy drinking cocktails and taking compliments on your zebra print pumps.


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