Kung-Fu Shoes: Queen Green

Prominent among the sprawling landscapes that Nature has gifted us, green denotes evolution and regeneration – on the negative side, it is also indicative of jealousy and inexperience – and can produce a warming or cooling response.  The color green also represents a balanced composition of stability, where several shades give a novel Springtime vibe, while drab tones are ideal when one desires to pick up on military overtones for a style.  When paired with beige, brown or tan, the color emotes an elemental feeling, though when contrasted with purple, gives an immediate high-impact and lively sensibility.  Combining green with yellow and black or white is suggested for those who are a bit more brazen with their fashion.  The more natural shades such as forest and lime green are viewed as comforting and exhilarating, with an organic blend of blue [cool] and yellow [warm] undertones.

In several religions, green is associated with: resurrection, regeneration, the color of love affiliated with Venus and Aphrodite, the Celtic God of fertility, the altar cloth for the Catholic church’s Sunday service and represents Irish-Catholics.  Wearing darker greens will let others know that you are conventional, steadfast and informed, but the bright greens shout modern, peculiar and animated – though none of those things are exactly negative, just be aware of what message your shoes are sending before selecting them.  Of course that is where this week’s style guide comes in handy as it navigates through a selection of styles that will certainly stir up feelings of jealousy from those who will secretly coveting your seductive footwear.

A classic staple for an elegant wardrobe are satin dress shoes, and the curves of these Evelixa pumps are accented with a ruffled overlay around the peep toe and a foiled silver lining that wraps around a cushioned bed.

It is not often that an item is elected into the exclusive aristocratic category, but one also cannot deny that Pleaser certainly has Prestige when it comes to sumptuous pumps, particularly a green satin platform heel that has been decked out with iridescent rhinestones, ideal for that vampy new burlesque act you have been working on.

The simplicity of Pleaser‘s Teeze design is amplified by a lime green satin base and covered with a layer of black lace.  Flaunt your effervescent side by wearing them with some back-seamed fishnets and the leg-baring Tiki Slit Dress by Sourpuss  coordinating tiki drink is optional.

As mentioned earlier, green and black make a strong paring and T.U.K. shows us why with these amazingly chunky platforms.  The black sole and heel have hidden accents, though the combination is made more apparent with a bright green upper that is patterned with hearts, while three buckled straps cris cross their way over the toe and heel.

Funtasma heels are a creative blend of black patent vinyl accents interjected by swaths of green glitter and accented by a matching vinyl bow, five faceted buttons on a green glitter strap, and silver buckle that secures the black vinyl strap around your ankles.

If compelling compositions are more your speed, there are quite a few Iron Fist shoes that should quench such a discernible palate.  For instance,  their Green Monster heels have a cacophony of twisted images on the toes, while the interior is offset by black and white stripes.

Reign over the bourgeois and infect them with Jungle Fever, a frenzied lime peep toe pump enthusiastically embossed with thick black leopard spots that can send the dance floor into a frenzy the moment you set foot on it.

The black satin roses and skull print prevents the contrasting purple accents from making the Mombassa wedges into a visual nightmare, though they should certainly be the main focal point of an outfit, and try to avoid too many coordinating accessories if you are not aiming for a kitschy look.

Disembodied eyeballs may have been making their rounds among alternative fashion to the point where they are a bit over-played, but the Oh No platform peep toe pump also features tentacles and spatters that manage to make it standout among similar styles.

Venturing into a more black-based territory is the sadly discontinued Dead Phones design, which features adorable rouched bows on elastic straps and a neon slime skull tangled up in bright pink wires.  The detailing on the interior is just as intense, and the shock of lime at the bottom of the heel is definitely a sharp way to bring the toxic tone of the skull into a different part of the shoe.

On the other side of the spectrum are these adorable peep toe pumps that are lined with white piping that really brings out the freshness of pea green – the stark white heels suggest sophistication while the green and white bows keep the style chic and youthful.

It was difficult to select just one of these cyber inspired platforms, not so much because I am so head-over-heels for the designs that I want to buy or wear them, but rather due to the fact each one has a significant difference which sets it apart from other such styles.  Then again, Pleaser makes it easy to Adore six and a half inches of black platform heel, while a trio of neon green UV reactive tubes dart across the sole and the foot is exposed under a clear vinyl upper.  If the idea of balancing precariously on top of stilettos is not within your comfort zone, Beau is a lovely black platform wedge sandal that stacks those acidic-looking tubes up the heel.  However, if you have command of towering shoes, then the aptly named Flamingo is for you – it is an eight inch platform sandal with four rows of that UV green tubing, a spiral of it slipping up the heel for a dizzying effect.  A simpler slip on peep toe design has three strands of tubing twisted between the platform and heel for a black light delight!

Would highly suggest wearing any of these with items from Lip Service‘s upcoming Quarantine line, which features a toxic green gas mask screen print, black and green vinyl with black mesh overlay, and cyber punk style tubes.  Bonus points if you manage to match your hair and makeup without being a neon nightmare.

Green has been recognized as a symbol of fertility for many centuries, and its meanings has evolved in American culture to express a mood of heightened sexuality.  It was a sacred color to the Egyptians, embodying the ambition and elation of Spring, and is said to be a comfortable color to the eye.  There are even claims that it has considerable potential to effectively soothe pain.  Circus and traveling showmen in Australia consider green to be bad luck, though that might have something to do with the fact that a “greenhorn” is someone with little to no experience yet can are eager and abundant.  However, a shamrock is considered to be good luck in most Western cultures, and there are more shades of green than any other color.  The meaning that it holds comes from the person wearing it, and there is sufficient evidence in this article which suggests that a pair of emerald slippers may be just the thing one needs for an extra boost of empowerment.


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