Kung-Fu Shoes: True Blue

The coolest of colors is blue, which can be found painting the sky, ocean, and even sleep.  In ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli was used to represent heaven, while Christians use blue to represent the Virgin Mary.  A pure hue embodies insight, goodwill and can also have a holistic effect in that it can be quite calming, particularly when used to decorate the home.  Artists use blue to create perspective, as the color gives a feeling of distance and thus allows us to look beyond, accumulating an external viewpoint that is instrumental in articulating your personality through fashion.  Compared to the other colors, blue is overwhelmingly the ‘favorite’, as it is seen as sensible, consistent and dedicated – all qualities that one would certainly hope others saw whether being interviewed or strutting across a stage.  Though generally it perceived as tranquil, electric and brilliant blues become charismatic, striking and charming with an expression of vivacity.  Indigo is a much deeper blue, so it indicates knowledge and is said to increase personal thought and profound insights.  Take caution though, because certain shades or the overuse of the color can come across as cold or uncaring, which is more ideal for a costume which suits that type of character rather than a lively presentation.

Contrary to popular belief, blue is the least gender specific color because it appeals equally to both men and women.  In Chinese culture where colors correspond to the five primary elements, the four seasons and navigational directions, blue is associated with wood, Spring and East.  Paintings of the god Krishna often depict him with blue skin, in Mexico it is a color of mourning, to the Aztecs it symbolized sacrifice, and in Greece it is believed that wearing a blue charm necklace or bracelet would ward off the “evil eye”.  Owls are the only birds who can see this color, mosquitos are likely to be twice as attracted to it compared to other colors, and people are often more productive in blue rooms.  Those who incorporate blue into their wardrobe will find that it looks good in just about any shade and it can aid in self-expression, which is something this guide is definitely full of.


The magnetic qualities of a metallic platform heel is one of the many reasons the Teeze style by Pleaser has such a wide range of designs that can be coordinated with a number of different outfit.  This particular pair of shoes invokes a noble characteristic and would look lovely with a fitted pencil skirt and cleavage enhancing blouse or a sparkling, slinky cocktail dress.


Don’t let anyone step on these blue suede shoes – Belll is Betsey Johnson‘s version of the classic footwear sung about in Elvis Presley’s tune, complete with platform, peep toe and black stiletto heel blasted with studs and spikes.  Rock these with any of Lip Service‘s tartan pieces or items from Widow‘s upcoming Fall line Black Ice , such as the Handkerchief Dress and Ponti Clip Leggings.


If one desires to feel alluring and provocative, try the sophisticated satin of Daelyn, a saucy pump with ankle strap and dazzling ruffled lace that trims the five-inch heel from top to bottom.  A shoe such as this tends to speak for itself, so it would be best paired with a statement piece such as the Army Dress by Living Dead Souls.


There is something oddly appealing about metallic toe and heel caps, particularly when they have heart-shaped cutouts and are mounded on pointy toed blue suede flats, which also have a leopard print lining.  Sadiie is a spectacular shoe designed to slip on and off easily, which will come in handy if you have been out partying until the early morning hours.


Jeffrey Campbell fulfills ever party girl’s dream with Wanted G, a modern silhouette with a dash of flash that is nothing short of eye-catching.  The familiar Mary Jane shape is wrapped in a deep, sparkling blue and topped with a bow that belies its diva attitude.


Described as the “sexy cousin” of Jeffrey Campbell‘s 99 design, the Pixie has the same heel and hidden platform but has a taller bootie with a ‘secret’ zipper in the back.  Succulent blue suede on the outside, leather lining, padded foot bed and a non-skid sole provides a framework to ease feet while you embark on a whirlwind adventure.


One does not have to be intimidated by shoes that have no heels, as they are touted as being more comfortable to walk in than they look.  The blue suede of Shadow Spike is a soft contrast to all of the silver spikes that have been hammered into a shoe fit for a post-apocalyptic warrior queen.


All the piggies go to the Market, then the new bistro that just opened up, that bar you always hit up on a Friday night and maybe even take a stroll through the park at midnight.  No matter what your destination, these velvet platform wedges by Ego and Greed will treat your feet with nothing but the best comfort.


Platforms do not have to be restricted to pumps and wedges – sneakers have received an elevated makeover during the past few years and are appearing in all types of alternative fashions.  The sleek Oxford style upper combined with a contrasting white platform sole of Timmy has silver stud details that don’t go overboard which prevents one from being limited to what can be worn with it.


Cobalt is one of my favorite shades of blue and the Sugar Hiccup platform pumps by Iron Fist are a great example of how the rich hue and studded skull details gives chic style a harder edge.  Wear them to compliment a structured pencil dress such as Spike It, another upcoming Fall item from Lip Service.


Develop an unusual look with these dynamic Haute Tiger Pumps by Ed Hardy – a brilliant blue composes the background for striking embellishments of a roaring tiger’s head surrounded by pink and white cherry blossoms.  Dare to ware them for a pinup contest at a tattoo convention or for an evening of checking out some new art.


For a truly royal look, spoil yourself with blue satin and flocked black flower details, with rivers of encrusted rhinestones running across this peep toe platform ankle boot, which is sure to make you the center of attention for all of the right reasons.

When paired with warm colors such as red or yellow, blue has the ability to create vibrant, high-impact designs – the color scheme is also a corner-stone of Carny Style and has often appeared in circus related artwork.  Vivid shades such as indigo or azure reveals qualities of luxury within one’s character, and perhaps even a touch of superiority.  Though navy is nearly black, when combined with a lighter shade it can transmit trust and truthfulness.  Patel blues, particularly when the are worn alongside pale yellow and light pinks, gives the suggestion of Springtime, while deeper blues are considered Winter colors.  For a natural, watery palette one can mix blues and green; add grey for minimized nobility and light brown, tans or beige for more organic combinations.  When blue is paired with white it instantly incites nautical themes, or you can create a conservative yet sophisticated look with subtle contrast by coordinating light and dark shades.  No matter what your taste is, do it with style and confidence!


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  1. enflamed says:

    Appreciate all of the styling notes in this article and have learned so much.

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