A Dozen Doodads

A common fashion faux pas that is seen from runways to the streets is the over use of accessories, especially because styling is very important when creating a polished look and too much can easily make an outfit look cheap and tacky.  Neither of those words are ones I associate with Carny Style, particularly when upholding the aristocratic edge so commonly lost among the majority of what people pass off as fashion.  While I am not suggesting that everyone needs to spend a specific amount of money in order to exude sophistication, it also does not take as much effort as some think to execute such an outfit.  The main emphasis is directed towards the clothing and shoes, but there are usually a bunch of little details that bring your personality into the garments, and when paired with enough confidence will set you apart from those that are lost among trends.  This can be seen throughout past articles, and I thought it would be a nice change – perhaps even a small challenge – to create a style guide that focuses on all the things one can add to an outfit that instantly transforms it from every day to extraordinary.

There are two reasons I really adore these faux leather gloves by Restyle – they are an ideal way to show off both my hand tattoos and a blood-red vintage manicure.  Though finger less, one can always wear a pair of thin gloves underneath, which can usually be found for a bargain at the local discount store.  The studded bows on each wrist might seem like a bit much, but I see them as chic bracelets you do not have to worry about losing.


Since I am not one to really care about whether or not something is trendy, though admittedly take advantage of them when I can because it is a great way to find a piece that can be customized that might have been more difficult before it was popular.  The skeleton hand bracelet is one of those items that can either be a really amazing accent or incredibly gaudy.  Avoiding the latter is easy as spending a few tedious hours flexing my DIY crafting skills and applying crystals in eye-catching patterns to add a touch of color.

If you enjoy the aesthetics of tattoos but are not ready for the commitment, then you can try out various designs such as this Happy Swallows Tattoo Necklace that features artwork that is a combination of new and old school styles in the form of two bright pink and blue swallows.

Though they are certainly not meant for practicality, there are some two finger ring designs such as this one that are modeled after brass knuckles, and since it is made of sterling silver, I would wager a guess and say that it might have the same effect should you be in the position of having the need to deck someone.

A great interpretation of classic sideshow banner style art by Sourpuss with the Human Canvas Tote Bag, the black panels are accented by striking orange stripes, an orange and black polka dot strap, and features a pinup type girl against a leopard print background that is covered in tattoos.  Whether hitting the beach, a classic car show or staking a stroll through the park, taking the Retro Tattooed Lady Parasol along would be an ideal way to parallel the inspiration in the bag.

One of the things you can slip into this bag is a Tattoo Print Mirror Compact, which gives a three-inch surface to perfect your pout with a fresh coat of gloss or to ensure that your hours of expert hair styling is still holding up without having to attempt a voyage to the bathroom when in crowded situations.

Parasols have become increasingly popular in alternative fashion, but as previously mentioned, they are a great way to have some portable shade when you are enjoying outdoor events but do not feel like sweating your makeup off or having your tattoos get sunburned.  Unfortunately this also means seeing the same designs over and over again, so stand out with this graphic Skulldini Parasol, complete with smiling skulls, snakes and sexy girls!

Summer may still be running strong, but that does not mean one cannot plan ahead, and I for one am looking forward to rocking tights and leggings with stunning patterns, such as turquoise leopard print, that there is no longer a reason to hide them under layers of ugly thermal socks and ankle-length skirts.

One does not have to wait for Halloween to get their claws on some seriously spooky wares like these Dead Girl Bone socks by Kreepsville666, though I would probably put a patch or something over the letting since I am mainly a fan of the bone seams and ghoulish color combo.

For even more creepy chic, try out a pair of Eyeball Hairbow Sildes that are black PVC painted with ‘blood’ splatter and are easily clipped into your hair.

While it would be nice for women not to have to worry about protecting themselves when going out, it is a necessity and as such it is important to carry at least one defensive weapon.  On the outside, it is about the size and shape as many popular brands of lipsticks, plus it comes in different colors in case you want to match your favorite purse.  However, this Lipstick Knife transforms with a simple twist to reveal a sharp blade.

Not all accessories are meant to be seen, though anyone who gets a glimpse of your Jubilee Bra, Panties and Garter Belt set from What Katie Did will surely appreciate it.  Or one could simply enjoy the look and feel of retro lingerie, especially when it is a ’50s inspired range in a radiant ruby-red satin.

There is certainly no shortage of shiny, sparkling, spiked things that can go on pretty much every part of the body imaginable, but one does not want risk looking like they collided with a display rack because those extra bits do add up.  Being bogged down by weight necklaces and bracelets might be cool in an editorial, but they tend to hide some very beautiful body parts.  The name itself hints that accessories are to be used as a means to draw attention to a certain point on outfit to draw intrigue and emphasize your best features.  In the end, the only person who can say what is too much is yourself, but you do not have to haul around your entire collection of wearable tchotchkes to accomplish a successful ensemble.


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