Kung Fu-Shoes: Violent Violet

What separates purple from violet is that the latter is present in the visible light spectrum, and the other is the product of mixing red with blue.  The color violet can motivate ones inner self-love, incites innovation and does it all without  building up the ego.  Violet brings harmony not only to your spiritual side but to your sense of style as well – it is a favorable hue for artists, musicians and writers in particular.  If incorporating a bit of enlightenment and a consciousness of modesty seems old-fashioned, violet is also indicative of being a distinguished individual who is motivated by creativity.  Utilize it to add ambiguity to any outfit, because in the sideshow one always keeps the audience guessing as it is far more entertaining than making an attempt to explain what they don’t really want to understand.



Emulate the sophisticated couture glamour of  silver-screen starlets with an added touch of modern flair with these decadent Pleaser pumps aptly named Deluxe, which come from their Day and Night collection.  Vibrantly violet suede is punctuated with glistening rhinestones for a lavish ankle-hugging peep toe upper, while the heel metallic platforms are inspired by architecture aesthetics.  Wear them with sheer vertical stripe stockings for an added touch of cabaret style elegance.


Of course one can always go straight for the opulence with a satin based platform pump that is drenched in glittering rhinestones.  While it may seem more fitting to wear these on stage for an unforgettable burlesque performance, it is entirely acceptable and in my opinion a bit more fun to dazzle at moments when it is less expected.  For instance, attending the latest art show in the Birdie Party Dress [black] by Pinup Couture and these shimmering beauties on your feet, it will be difficult for others to ignore your regal status.


Classic pumps do not mean dusty discards at the local thrift store and Waleo is advertised to help one earn their fashion credentials, and violet suede is definitely an update to a style that is occasionally viewed as stale.  Capturing that iconic type of beauty can be easy as slipping on The Original Vamp Dress by Mode Merr, a pair of vintage seamed stockings and the aforementioned shoes.


The downside to suede is that it can be easily ruined by rain or snow, so it should be a Given that having the same pair of shoes in patent leather means that you can still have that pop of color to your favorite black vintage dress.  However, if you are feeling a bit more daring, try them with the Serious Business Suit in Steel Grey, which is Mode Merr‘s interpretation of a traditional men’s suit that is tailored to fit the curves of a more feminine body.


Patterns are always an excellent means of making your footwear standout, especially when dealing with such a volatile color such as violet, because apparently purple is the preferred color to label a large majority of shoes that are definitely a different hue.  Nonetheless, as any good fashion writer would. I used my prior knowledge gained from high school art courses in deducing that both exist on Shoe Republic’s Cheker, which contains both of the aforementioned colors along with white and fuchsia; interlocked they create an appealing optical illusion.


You have woken up to find that you are a secret agent named Malika and your mission is to assemble an outfit to coordinate with ultra violet suede pumps.  Flexible black elastic straps ensure that they will stay on your feet whether collecting intel at a party or kicking ass with the double stacked platforms.


Comfort is something usually sought before and after a performance, but that does not mean one must sacrifice style and satin ballet flats are always a good choice to give feet a break from towering heels.  The pleated details create a point of interest and would go well with a basic black pencil skirt and Jeanie Lurex Top from Pinup Couture in aqua.


Summer is slowly winding down but there is still plenty of time to enjoy ocean breezes, which is made especially refreshing with wedge sandals that  have a minimalism approach to structured straps and light neutral toned wooden wedges for that futuristic flair.  Coordinate a chic pinup style with Pinup Couture’s Sadie Dress in Purple Floral Boarder Print, advertised to be “like a rose garden come to life” and soak up the last of this season’s memorable moments.


Precise lines and a velvety texture set the stage for this stunning peep toe platform wedge, the rich color subtly accented with a leopard print interior.  Before getting pregnant and leaving town with Butch on Zed’s Chopper, Fabiola was a dancing queen and would wear these with the Ava Dress, complimenting her namesake footwear by going for the gold and rocking a vintage styled dress that is flattering on all body types.


Color blocking has become popular in fashion over the past few years and is another way to bring unique elements to the wardrobe without being tacky or over done.  For instance, a peep toe platform wedge sandal is a great canvas for color blocking, and here hues of violet are accented by blue and turquoise elements, a shocking strip of orange and a fuchsia interior that combine to make a work of art.


Dusty trails and shady saloons are settings for rowdy outlaws and tanned cowboys that hardly ever had a place for women, unless they were the damsel in distress type cinched in by corsets and drowning in petticoats.  Not being one for out-dated stereotypes, these Very Volatile Rio Grande boots are all Americana  attitude and carry a badass babe vibe that can be felt for miles.  The smokey violet leather carries a distressed look ideal for a post apocalyptic dance off, complimented by sunset orange details.


It is never too early to be prepared for Winter, particularly if one lives in an area prone to significant amounts of snow fall.  Moncler Boots are made of quilted nylon for layers of warmth and a rubber sole that will prevent you from slipping on icy surfaces.  They work well with jeans and while they might not be the best looking boot, it is better than having frozen feet.

When it comes to envisioning a futuristic inspired fashion, violet proudly represents unlimited inspiration and imagination, stimulating intellect as well as dream activity.  The color is also noted for it individuality, and is best suited for a personality that likewise enjoys doing their own thing.  Other positive qualities of violet include empathy, tolerance and a love of humanity, which are all wonderful ways to invoke emotion through fashion.  There are a few negative aspects to violet, as it is noted to be immature and encourages an idealism based on fantasy.  It can be seen as impractical and cynical, which makes excessive use of the color give off the wrong tone.  This guide will assist you in communicating that you prefer the finer quality in life without sending the message of arrogance.  Of course part of that come from one’s own attitude, because no amount of clothes or accessories can help mask cheap and nasty, but otherwise your compassionate nature will shine forth.


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  1. bathed says:

    Just wanted to say that violet is my favorite color and this guide was really useful!

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