Jersey Trash and Leftover Crack

[Originally written on this date in 2004]

Woke up with the sun to get dressed, have a quick breakfast and roll to Englishtown with Jon.  Sat for two hours while cocksuckers browsed without buying.  Saving grace was having the occasional smoke, which we did out in the open because we fairly confident no one would see us.  Eventually the sales picked up but still it was only a dollar here or there.  Jon pulled out the showmanship and tried his best but the vultures seemed to enjoy circling more than actually eating.  Around one we decided to pack it in because we made whatever money we could for the day and did not see the purpose to sticking around for any longer, though I made five bucks just as I was about to put all of the books away.

Upon returning to Jon’s house, I immediately jumped into the shower and set to assembling myself while he unloaded the car, then tidied himself up as well.  Smoked a fat joint and hit the drags before climbing into the Chevy.  We arrived at Krome after five and had a few shots of whiskey before approaching the venue.  Was not allowed to wear my nail bracelets in, due to them being “hazardous”.  Jon offered his persuasive services but it was not worth making a big deal over something so silly.  Depositing them back in his car, he paid the admission and we went inside.

Now to be honest I have never been to Krome before, mostly due to the fact I didn’t have a reason to go, but I must say that I was slightly impressed with the size of the PA and the club in general.  The last time I saw that many kids in one room was the old days at the Cove.  There was a vast variety of dressed-up kiddies in various stages of “I’m-punker-than-thou”, which included mohawks that were spiked, fanned and with grown in sides that needed to be shaved; dyed ‘hawks that needed root touch-ups and hair that was spiked yet drooping.  Plenty of studded vests, belts and bracelets galore and just about everyone was wearing boots.

Then there is Jon and myself – rude, crude, pierced and tattooed Carny Trash in all divine King Shit and Queen Bitch glory.  We pride ourselves on not fitting in because there is no reason to actively portray a stereotype.  Scenes are filled with so much trivial bullshit that I left behind when I graduated high school, so I do not see the point in putting much energy into being a part of something that I have no interest in.  Jon has taught me to see value in myself rather than clothes, music and whatever else people use as a facade for their personalities.

Of course on that particular evening, Jon laughed at the fact that he was one of the oldest people in the room and could have easily crushed those kids with his knowledge.  However, there was no need to flex that sort of muscle because he’s a gentleman, not a dick, and he was sort of preoccupied with finding ways to steal kisses.  Apparently adults making out would probably have been awkward even though we were subjected to spit swapping teenagers.  We kept slipping into the bathroom to drag race and do shots of whiskey since there was no alcohol being served.  Paid no attention to the first act- they were rather weak, though some people took the opportunity to start a small pit anyway.

What sparked my interest in the show was Stockyard Stoics, as I had enjoyed them at the basement show in New Brunswick some months back, so I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to hear them through a proper PA.  They did not disappoint – strong drums and rhythm section in general; good guitar and vocals that were understandable.

Next up was Rivercity Rebels, which happened to be another fantastic band. My pessimism that there are no good punk bands left in Jersey was beginning to be demolished.  Some people actually know what they are doing, and they deserve to be applauded for that.

The headlining act for the evening was Leftover Crack, and I have heard some good things about these guys, so I was really interested in judging them for myself.  Now I am not a super-picky person when it comes to music, but I certainly know what I do and don’t like.  Leftover Crack certainly falls into the category of music I definitely like, though I thought their lead singer got a bit preachy at some moments.  The set was powerful nonetheless, thanks mostly in part to the drummer from X-Possibles.

Other humerous notes for the evening include when we had first entered the venue and watched some kid get yanked out of the club by securty, who remarked: “You’re 14 years-old, what do you have to rebel against?”  After the show, some ohter kid got escorted out by security.  Kids are aggro these days.

Needless to say I had fun and am glad that I also happened to be in the company of my favorite person in the world.  Shows are a lot more fun when you have someone who makes witty comments and generally gets you to laugh at things that should not be funny but are.  Then again, doing drugs in the bathroom at an all ages show where kids were getting searched for liquor add an element of stupidity to a situation which might ordinarily be uneventful.  Sometimes I feel that Jon just likes to know he can get away with doing such things in public, but he does have some strange tendencies that I do not question.

Over all we had a great time and I feel that is always the important thing to remember.  Besides, the past couple of months we have been busy with sideshow performances without much time to just enjoy ourselves.  It is back to work, of course, but I always appreciate being with Jon no matter what we do.


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