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It is universally known that one simply does not wear white after Labor Day, though if you inquire why that is to the average etiquette expert there is a good chance they have no explanation.  Since white is of a lighter weight, it tends to be an easy way to keep cool during the Summer.  Combine this with the fact that people favored clothes that were fairly formal over cutoff jeans or T-shirts and a vague answer begins to develop.  The fashion magazines of the early and mid-20th century held headquarters in big cities littered among the Norther climate region that experienced seasons.  While white would certainly be sensible for hot Summer months, but those who wore such ensembles dared not to risk sullying them in mud following a heavy Autumn rain.

Though this may sound sensible, it is quite rare that a rule of fashion serves a functional reason, and some historians speculate that the no-white-after-Labor-Day could be symbolic.  Photographs of American cities in the 1930s  depict denizens in dark clothing, many of which were on their way to jobs.  In contrast, those who were well-to-do could escape such congestion to lounge at resorts in white linen suits and Panama hats that created a “look of leisure”.  The traditional end of Summer is celebrated on the first Monday of September, and upon returning to the city these vacationers transitioned to heavier, darker clothing for Autumn.  The custom solidified into a concrete criterion by the 1950s as the middle class expanded, providing the old-money elite with leverage over social-climbers, though some increased their odds of gaining entrance into polite society by being savvy to all the rules.

Whatever the origin may be,  the rule was met with contention from Coco Chanel, who is known for making white a year-round staple in the 1920s, and stirred skepticism among the 1960s counterculture.  Today, more people than ever are brazenly rebelling against the out-dated dictum and I for one support such behavior.  Bronwyn Cosgrove notes in The Complete History of Costume & Fashion: From Ancient Egypt to Present Day that “fashion rules are meant to be broken by those who can pull it off”, and that “white looks really fresh when people are not expecting it”.  The unexpected is what this blog is all about, and that is why I put together this collection of items that can be utilized in post-Summer fashion.




This 1940s style short sleeve dress by Trashy Diva is part of their Bridal Collection and is a contemporary version of a classic silhouette.  There are many features that create a sleek and flattering fit, from the low-cut front and back neckline to gathering at the shoulders, upper bust and upper back.  Though intended for wedding wear, bright blue pumps and silver accessories can give it a Winter flavor.




Halterneck dresses should be a wardrobe staple, and this white sateen pencil dress by Vivien of Halloway can be worn anywhere from the office to a fancy soiree.  A boned and lined bodice that lifts the bust and nips the waist, eliminating the need for extra shapewear, while the curvy cut of the skirt yields a beautiful vintage hourglass figure.




Black lace, buttons and ribbon accents of this Punk Rave white ruffle shirt from Restyle prevent it from falling into the peril of being a puffy pirate shirt.  Though it has corset lacing in the back, one can always get a bit of extra accentuation from a wide belt or satin corset.




Lip Service‘s Industrial Vice category is full of delicious Vinyl Classics, such as the Hardcore Racer Back Cami Top that has a zip front, lace up back and is accented with buckled shoulder straps and D-rings.  Though the top also comes in red, the white has an almost angelic quality to it and could easily be part of a costume or club wear.




One of the many vinyl items slated for release this fall is the Zip Front Underbust Top that has a mesh girdle contrast and chunky front zipper.  Closer inspection reveals diagonal sections along the sides that are dotted with metallic studs to create some visual interest.




The ideal way to accentuate a vintage figure – that means having a waist that measures ten inches [or more] smaller than the hips – is with a steel boned corset such as Mortica from What Katie Did.  This ivory silk corset is a long-line underbust which pulls in the waist as tightly as desired, showing off shapely assets and recommended for those who have experience in tight-lacing.




Out of any item one could wear that is white, I feel shoes would be the hardest to keep clean and maintain the snowy shade.  However, that does not mean they should never be worn, just take caution in doing so.  Having said that, it is not so secret that I am a fan of Jeffrey Campbell shoes even if I dream about having what I most likely would not buy.  The scaly silver armor and white leather peep toe upper are what make Tick the talk of the town.




There does not have to be a special occasion to pamper yourself with a fancy new manicure, and whether you prefer natural or fake nails, consider coating them with Illamasqua’s Scorch.  This pure white polish has a glossy finish and it would be great as a background for some custom nail art.




For the right amount of luminous sheen try Urban Decay’s Zephyr, a natural pearl eyeshadow that has no glitter but still manages to give your that perfect holiday glow.




When in need of quiet contemplation or enlightenment, drift away with sandalwood, rosewood and gulacwood oils courtesy of Lush’s Temple of Truth, currently one of their top rated bubble bars.




Jasmine, lavender, chamomile and sandalwood will help you melt into luxury, allowing you to relax as your worries fade.  Drop this into the bath right before you hit the sack and then get ready for Dreamtime.




Give your hair a healthy dose of glorious glamour with Ultimate Shine, a shampoo bar that contains exotic essential oils that balance your mood and your tresses.  It also has the right amount of gold glitter for a literal boost of shine!

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