Deadly Dames: Champagne

Pinupgirl Clothing has been a guilty pleasure of mine for a long time, because they are a company that offers a variety despite catering to a specific aesthetic.  Since I do not believe in wearing a stereotypical uniform, I have always been of the opinion that one can wear a vintage dress while incorporating modern styling techniques.  This type of juxtaposition creates an alluring ensemble because you are not falling into a pigeonhole and limiting yourself to one specific look.  There is nothing wrong with finding inspiration in vintage or retro fashion, but that is not the same as a literal interpretation.  After all, clothes are just that before one interjects their personality – when paired with the right amount of confidence it reflects on your outfit and general presentation.

Deadly Dames is one of the brands featured on Pinupgirl Clothing, notable for being the ‘bad girl’ to the bounty of dresses with modest necklines and full skirts.  In a way their line reminds me of Traci Lords’ wardrobe in Cry Baby and is all about showing off dangerous curves.  Though red and black are usually the dominant colors among pinup garb, I was intrigued by the champagne option for a number of reasons.  Undoubtedly it makes me think of fancy cocktail parties where bottles of  the refreshing bubbly beverage accompany cheese platters and conversations saturated with social commentary.  Or to put it more simply, the illusion of nudity paired with expensive looking fabrics is indicative of high class taste at an affordable price.




Silhouettes from silent film era vamps and mid-century bombshells serve as inspiration for the Film Noir Dress, cut from lush stretch velvet that drapes across the bustline and is shirred on the sides to create a sultry shape.  If you desire a tighter fit it is suggest you order one size done, and the site also recommends that you wear undergarments that are similar in color.




The satin and lace that comprise Je T’Adore are influenced by French motiffs, leaving much to be loved about this dress.  Shakira satin wraps the body in elegance while three quarter lace sleeves trimmed with black velvet and a black satin bodice with lace overlay compose the top.



The styling of the Courtesan Wiggle Dress is infused with elements of vintage lingerie – seamed cups are slightly padded and have adjustable straps for that sexy 1950s silhouette.  Other details include a contrasting color on top, lace overlay, bow detail and a removable wide belt.

Pinupgirl Clothing also has great selections of shoes and accessories which make completing your pinup look a breeze!


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