Septum Dermal Punch

[Originally written on this date in 2004]

Never one to miss an opportunity to spend money I worked hard to earn, I decided that it would be a good time to get a new piercing and set out to just that three days ago.  Made some bacon and toast to munch on, as I had not eaten since the previous day, while waiting for my sister to come pick me up.

We stopped for some fast food on the way to the shop, as it is not a good idea to get pierced on an empty stomach and it was the most convenient thing around.  Of course I have learned this lesson the hard way in the past, and so make a point of eating something before I get tattooed or pierced.  Honestly cannot remember how long it has been since I had fast food, and eating it just reminded me of how gross it can be.  Cooking meals for myself has become a natural reflex, and being in control of what I buy means lots of fruits and vegetables balanced with proteins, bread, pasta and an abundance of pistachios.  Going to restaurants are fine because all of the food is fresh and prepared for each order, but fast food has become a foreign concept to me now.  It does get the job done for instances like this one, though.

Eventually arrived at Starlight, and Dom seemed pleased that I was there to get pierced instead of needing another retainer.  While I wanted to have a second hole pierced in my septum, he suggested that dermal punching would be better.  This made me incredibly nervous.  However, I wasn’t looking forward to having the scar tissue from the first time I attempted a second hole to be re-pierced either.  So I agreed to the dermal punch, which was only a 12g and not as ominous-looking as the ones I have seen on BME.

The click of the punch did not bother me [it is far less severe than the noise a piercing gun makes], and there was a slight pinch.  While there was some blood, it certainly was not as much as I was expecting.  Dermal punching actually hurt less than the first two times I had my septum pierced.  Am quite pleased with the positioning, as it is on top of the first hole instead of behind it like last time, and hope that by keeping both piercings at 12g, there won’t be any migration this time around.

Thanked him with a generous tip, and he thanked me in return for allowing him to punch a hole in me.  Would also like to note that he suggested instead of me having to constantly save up for a new piercing, we could work out some payment plan.  Will have to take that into consideration, because there is a feeling of accomplishment when I get to spend money [whether it was earned or saved] on things that make me happy that I can enjoy for a long time.

Took some fliers for the tattoo convention, which is held in the Medowlands come October with the intent of distributing them at Vintage Vinyl, and might make plans to attend with a certain someone.

Today there is no pain at all, and unless I am looking at myself in the mirror, I kind of forget that I have two holes in me septum now.  For some reason I get this feeling that the punch will heal a lot faster than a regular piercing, so I am very happy.  Dermal punching is also really awesome, and though I do not really see myself getting many of them, I really admire the technology.  It is far different from large gauge piercing and makes stretching cartilage easier because one can start at a larger gauge than what is recommended for initial piercings and then having to stretch.  The only drawback [besides the possibility of being covered in your own blood] is that once healed, it is said that the hole will stay at the size it has been punched, so one should be really sure that removing a small circle of flesh is something that can be committed to.  Of course mine is in a place  that cannot be seen, but I am digging being able to have two things hanging out of my nose again.


One comment on “Septum Dermal Punch

  1. Elisabet says:

    It was in the year 2010 that we moved to the string of gorgeous islands of Indonesia. First we settled on Bali and as exotic as it is, you can’t help but stumble over the white retired people living there permanently and Australian young ones making a nuisanse of them selves.
    We travelled all over Indonesia. to the backward islands where the old cutures are still honored.
    Where tattooing and piercing have been practised for many centuries.
    My husband became increasingly interested and I was the subject… I gor “batik” inspired tattooed arms now. Beautifully done but not always appreciated in our ‘modern’ Western society.
    Luckily the norms are changing these last years.

    A few years after getting tattooed I subjected myself to some piercings. First (of course) my earlobes. They are being stretched now and are already some twenty five centimetres longer.

    Next I got rings through my nipples , outside diameter of the rings is forty millimetres and the thickness a hefty 4 1/2 millimetres. They were so designed that once closed, they could not be opened and removed again. Real gold though, which is much cheaper there than back home !

    Two months ago my septum was pierced, or better, a 3 millimetre hole was cut in my nose septum. It is still healing and my husband had special permanent closing rings made. They are waiting for my septum to heal properly. Right now I wear a plug in it to keep the hole open !
    My husband wants that, because he said that an open ended one will look like golden snot hanging from my nose.
    I am a bit reluctant to have to wear such a ring when back in our own society, but guess I will have to get used to that.
    More tattooing is being planned too.


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